Forty-four drivers were arrested in central Houston/Harris County from 10 p.m. Friday to about 6 a.m. today in the DWI crackdown spearheaded by Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen’s staff.

“That’s the good news and the bad news,” Rosen said. “The good news is we took that many dangerous people off the streets, preventing potential deaths, maimings and heavy property damage. The bad news is that that many people represent an even larger group of drivers who haven’t gotten the message that drinking and driving leads to jail — before or after tragedy strikes.”

“If you drive, don’t drink. If you drink, get a ride,” Rosen added.

Forty-one drivers were arrested for dirving while intoxicated, plus two for possession of a controlled substance and one for marijuana possession.

Twenty-five Precinct 1 patrol deputies, whose overnight shift was funded by a Texas Department of Transportation grant, took part in the initiative along with personnel from the Houston Police Department, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Metro Police and the Harris District Attorney’s Office. Members of Mothers Against Driving and Kyra’s Karing Angles provided support — and food.

Operated from the Pct. 1 patrol office ay 7300 N. Shepherd Drive, the project was a “one-stop shop” for processing DWI cases; a judge and nurse were on hand to pave the way for blood samples to be taken udner court order from DWI defendants who refused to take breath tests. Only one refused and had to provide a blood sample.

The initiative took place on the first night of the holiday weekend that is traditionally a time for fun-seeking. “Fun should never involve crime, however,” the constable remarked.

MADD named the Precinct 1 Constables Office its Harris County Law Enforcement Agency of the Year in 2014 and 2016