Hello all

 We  the concerned citizens for peace and justice are organizing a protest rally on humanitarian crisis in Indian Administered Kashmir.
 Kashmir has been under seige from last 60 days with no internet connection or any phone services. Curfew has been in place since July . Close to 100 people have lost their lives and most gruesome is that Pellets(with shotguns) are being used on peaceful unarmed civilians resulting in blindness to more than 500 kids.
 The girl on flyer is a 14yr old girl who was shot on face when she tried to open the window of her house and she is blinded for ever.
We have not been able to communicate or even wish Eid greetings to our famiies there as all sorts of communication has been suspended there.
 We are holding  a peaceful protest outside Indian consulate  on Sept 23rd from 3:30 to 5:30 PM AT 4300 Scotland St Houston, TX  to demand the  end of use of pellet guns.
 I am attaching a “ppt” regarding the onging crisis. Please take few moments to go through it.

We request full support from the community.

Houston’s Citizens for peace and justice