1. Evelyn Porter September 28, 2016 1:39 am 

    Hi my name is Evelyn Porter, my number is 979-203-2123. I’m writing to see if I can get some help and assistance on a case with my son who is in TDC and is being false accused with the asst.warden and his officer. His has got a case for using Vogul language to a officer, which he states never happen. They charged him with a major charges,when tdc handbook states that it would fall under minor charges. I talked to the asst.warden James McKee three times, he assured me that they are with in guild lines with the charge’s for the offender offense. After I let him know that I have read the handbook for the offender, and what It says, and that I know that he has violated at least 2 of my son’s amendment rights. He then stated (james McKee)we don’t have to go by the hand book,every unit is different we make our own rules and break them. My son was on trustee camp at Goree unit doing go,but now they are striping him of everything. First they put him in solitary from the 9/1/16 to 9/7/16before even charging him, on the 7 th they pulled him out and charged him. My son never knew what all they was doing, they gave him 15day’s in solitary that started on the 7th – 22nd. From the 1st – 7th was free days they took from him. Plus they gave him 30days cell restrictions, 30 days phone restrictions, took his line class from 1to a 3, and his custody level from a G1 to a G4. This is my son first time in tdc he was in Travis state jail first having a G4 they moved him to the Goree trustee camp about 3mo. ago his have been working hard to getting home never been in trouble all ways respectable to his elders and superior, I taught him that and he has always done that. He don’t know the rope in the so he tries very hard to do right. Even when some of the officers harass him, he takes it the asst.warden wanted to know why he didn’t report it. My is not a stinitch and felt like they would make it harder on him,so he just took it. He have filed and greivene on the case but I feel my son life is in danger. I think they made a mistake on paper work of moving him to the camp ,at his level and trying to correct it by fasle accusing him,to get him back to the level he was on . He was doing really well at the Goree Camp traveling to different town’s working though the week and had no problems. I feel they are over using their power down there towards my son for no unknown reason. My son said he said get out my face with that stuff, they added saying he said get out my fucking face,and out of my fucking house my son said the guard was never in his house. Please I need help!

  2. Evelyn Porter September 28, 2016 1:45 am 

    Trying to reach Mrs.Yolanda Smith and Mr. Isiah Factor Carey. Please reach back out to me my phone number is 979-203-2123 gmail is

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