It was last month when VLive Houston was sued by the Harris County Attorney for being a public nuisance. 

Now the county attorney has added another complaint to the list of allegations against the very popular self described bikini bar on Richmond Avenue. 

County officials say V-Live has claimed they provide security by the Houston Police department and they say that’s simply not true.  

The popular Houston nightspot was sued for being a business that puts the public safety in jeopardy.  

There’s been no official response from the nightclub but those who work at VLive say HPD is on site if they’re called! 
New Complaint Filed:

We have added this claim to the V-Live suit. 

 17. V Live falsely represents that the Houston Police Department provides security at

the club.  They advertise a picture of the HPD insignia with a statement claiming “security strictly

enforced HPD on site…” when in fact HPD does not provide security at V Live. Officers with the

Houston Police Department are prohibited from working at V Live due to the nature of this after-

hours, unlicensed business. This false advertising places the public at harm and is misleading and







Robert Soard

First Assistant County Attorney

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan

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  1. Tony John October 9, 2016 12:25 am 

    Many a company use names to do business to make one believe that they might be affiliated with the establishment . It’s the psychology used with the intent to deter crime. Houston harris division patrol. Houston contact patrol . Lake county patrol Houston southwest patrol only to name a few. I don’t like these gimmicky names for guard services either. The find print on cleverly designed shoulder patches makes it difficult for one to decipher between a sworn officer and a security guard. Some security companies advertise their willingness to hire off duty officers . The confusion is there . The chaos causes problems when things go wrong. I did a search of websites which show security companies advertising that they hire off duty officers as well as military . People want to feel safe. Unfortunately , the amateurs ruin the business or industry for everyone. I’m sorry that this is happening I sincerely hope that these security companies clean up their act.

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