Alejandro Guzman

Two people from Houston have been arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma after a murder and crime spree there.

Police say they have 20 year old Alejandro Guzman and 18 year old Jennifer Lopez charged with two others in connection with the murder of Wilmer Flores.

Jennifer Lopez

Police say it happened earlier this month in Mohawk Park in Tulsa. 

Investigators say Guzman, Lopez, and the other suspects were accused of kidnapping and eventually killing Flores.
Police say the motive: Flores’ brother stole Guzman’s truck and in retaliation they kidnapped and killed him because they could not find the brother who stole their truck.

All of the four people arrested are being held in jail in Tulsa.

Sources say the duo from Houston may also be wanted for crimes here including the truck in question they were in.

Police say that vehicle was stolen from Houston.

From Tulsa Police:

On 10-12-2016 at 5:05 PM Tulsa Police received a call to Mohawk Park at 5701 E 36 SN in reference to a body found along the side of Cherokee Drive inside Mohawk Park.  Upon arrival first responders find a Hispanic male approximately 30 years of age shot and killed.


The investigation revealed that several people in the park heard gunshots just prior to finding the body.  The body was clad in a work shirt that had a first name on the pocket.  We have not positively identified the male as of yet, however we are confident that we will make an identification soon.


The investigation is related to the robbery on 10-11-2016 at Shoreline apartments where a Hispanic male was shot by a Hispanic male with a tattoo on his face.  On 10-12-2016 at 12:35 PM Tulsa Police receive a call of a disturbance at the Vapor store at 1107 S Harvard.  It is relayed that a black Ford Raptor is stolen and the victims are giving chase.  Police arrive and no one is there to make a report.  A caller calls back  and tells police that he was shot and that he is following the Raptor at 2100 S Garnett.  The phone number that makes the call at 1107 S Harvard and the 2100 S Garnett calls are the same.  The caller at 2100 S Garnett gave a location of the truck thief’s apartment near 2100 S Garnett.


Shortly after this call another call to Tulsa Police comes in and names the suspect in the stolen Raptor as Elvin Flores.  This caller claims he is going to the hospital because he has been shot but will not stop for EMSA or the police.  Tulsa Police has no record that this person ever made it to the hospital.


At 1:47 PM Tulsa Police received a burglary call from a homeowner in the 1300 block of E 51 PN.  The homeowner was angry and upset and listed items stolen from him were transported in a black Ford Raptor truck.  The officer taking this report is one of the officers that responded to the call in Mohawk Park.  The officer realized that the Raptor truck had been broadcast several times during the shift and that her victim in the burglary was Hispanic and the Raptor truck suspect was Hispanic and now the homicide victim was Hispanic.


At 4:07 Pm Tulsa Police receive a call from a person in Houston TX wanting to report his Ford Raptor stolen, however his explanation to us was confusing and suspicious.  Tulsa Police took the vehicle’s information and completed a report but did not list the truck as stolen. 


The investigation has determined that the victims that lost the Raptor at 1107 S Harvard borrowed another truck and went to locate the suspect in his apartment near 2100 S Memorial.  The victims now become suspects in an abduction because they kidnap the brother of the suspect that stole the Ford Raptor.  The brother is driven to Mohawk Park shot and killed for being the brother of the Raptor thief.


These suspects commit an armed robbery at 2119 S Garnett road at 7:20 PM stealing a black Ford F 150 Pickup by putting a gun to the victim’s head and demanding the keys.  The victim complied and no one was hurt.  The description of the robbers was two Hispanic males one had tattoos on his face and one Hispanic female.


At 8:36 PM Tulsa Police were called to an armed robbery at the Asian Express 4748 N Peoria.  The suspect in this robbery was a Hispanic male with tattoos on his face.  The suspect vehicle was a black Ford Pickup. 


At 9:42 PM the son of the victim in the auto theft at 2119 S Garnett spots the stolen truck at the store at 4107 S Harvard.  Officers arrive and stop the truck arresting two Hispanic males and one Hispanic female.


During this time Gang officers spot the alleged stolen Raptor pickup and stop the truck at 1800 E Marshall.  The individual in this truck is questioned and it is determined that he traded his truck for this truck to a Hispanic male.  The investigation reveals that the person named as Elvin Flores is the one that traded the male for the Raptor.  We have not located the man known as Elvin Flores.


With all the coincidences of the Raptor and similar descriptions Robbery and homicide detectives began a series of interviews that will lead to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible for the murder in Mohawk Park.


At this time we are still investigating and no names can be released.  We have determined that the name Elvin Flores is an alias and we believe he is the brother of the victim of homicide 2016-59.


Dave Walker/Homicide Sergeant

City of Tulsa Police Department

600 Civic Center. Tulsa, OK 74103


  1. Sam C October 19, 2016 6:25 pm 

    So sad

  2. Nelson & Associates October 27, 2016 1:53 pm 

    Certainly a bad set of decisions. Stolen cars, especially with out of state plates, murders, and face tats; a rough combination.

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