HISD Trustee Jolanda Jones is under fire for sending out a tweet calling President-Elect Donald Trump Hitler 2.0.

Others are now discovering the day old tweet attacking Jones on Twitter. 

But in typical Jones style she is not backing down from a fight. 

In fact,  the reality star is also retweeting news posts about the controversial tweet. 

This isn’t the first time Jones has compared Mr. Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hilter. 

It was during a heated debate two months ago between Jones and Angela Box when she first compared Trump to Hitler.  

Jones says she is not removing the tweet and not apologizing.  She says she stand behind her actions.  

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  1. Juanita November 15, 2016 5:18 pm 

    Well…. she definitely not lying. Hate crimes have run amok since he started spouting his horrible rhetoric. Preach on Jo!

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