The man once known as the Finnisher could walk away from a laundry list of criminal charges in Harris County. 

Riku Melartin,  the owner of a Crosby car dealership, was accused of sexual assault of a child involving two different victims according to his attorney Kent Schaffer. 

Earlier this year Melartin was sentenced to 11 years in prison for a bribery case in Galveston. 

Attorney Kent Schaffer

Schaffer says when his client was sentenced in that case the jury in Galveston took into consideration his alleged crimes in Houston and increased his sentence. 

Schaffer says that is considered double jeopardy and Judge Maria Jackson agreed saying she would dismiss the first three cases of sexual assault Melartin was scheduled to go on trial for last week.  

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  1. Concerned November 22, 2016 5:14 pm 

    Is it media or lack of info? Many facts of this case have been left out. The girl from the dealship gave a false id to obtain employment. Her mother also attempted to extort $100000 from Mr. Melartin and has done this before in another state. No mention of the DNA tests on both defendants that did not match the recovered DNA? So many facts left out.

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