1. Mbailey_Reso (Facebook) May 2, 2017 1:00 pm 

    How’s it going mr. Isaiah. I do not want my name to be publicized for I am not looking for any publicity whatsoever. But a family member of mine is in a crisis that is in dire need of a liberal person like yourself that is not on the take. You may understand or have seen the case about Milton Wayne Cole period a promising young teacher soon to be a doctor in child psychology. Who had his life Stripped Away by his ex-wife by accusing him of child molestation to his stepdaughter. If you look inside of his case you will see so many wrongs. She use the system to break up with him. We have the evidence to prove it the courts have the evidence to prove it. But with the help of a terrible lawyer that he acquired how I do not know. They were able to throw out the testimony of the child in question. His polygraph test and other doctors testimonies as proof that he did not do it or could not commit such a horrendous crime. Just merely a few career steps from becoming a doctor in a profession he’d work so hard to be apart of. Several master’s degrees several bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees from various colleges including Prairie View A&M University where he started a frat brother just to name a few of his accomplishments even making the Dean’s List twice. The judge did a rush job on his case along with the DEA to throw out every possible piece of evidence including the girl in question admitting that it never happened. His ex-wife wanted in a divorce so badly she would set this thing up and played her part. That a sneeze on a time when the child was sick was all to convince him. No intercourse was ever committed so there was no need for an exam on the little girl in question. But saying that he convinced a girl to give him oral sex and that he was sex deprived. If he is sex deprived It Is by choice of his own. I his brother no that he for years stayed away from Sex in any form. Not wanting to watch p***or go to a strip club. My family is not perfect it does not have many great fruits on his tree. But he is one I heard you to take the time to look at this rush tobacal of a job by the court system. I was only there to see other doctors take the stand in saying that he cannot a commit such a crime it is not within his nature as they compared him to the many that have crossed their desk over the years. He passed his polygraph test as he yelled as They Carried him out of the Court. Besides the one young man who was a college student who got probation. I’ve never ever heard of a pedophile getting just five years, no fine, time served and aloud a appeal all-in-one sentencing. He was never allowed to call his Witnesses or anyone who knew him until the time of his sentencing and even then they had less than two hours to get there. So as we rushed to his Aid it was to no avail. The jury felt guilty and heavy-hearted as they sentenced him many of them cried and then for they knew that it was too late to turn back. One Asian and 11 all white was selected as his jury. I assure you he was not tried in a court of his peers. You will find so many wrongs in this case it is unbelievable. 1 Parts 10 late that the girl was four years old when he convinced her to give him oral sex. I have 3 kids and I could not even get them to brush their teeth with their mouth wide enough to stick a toothbrush in it until they will four and a half five. And even then they will not be still. So it is very much a tough task nearly impossible job for dentist to make this happen and my brother is no dentist. There is more to this oh my goodness there is much more a corrupt system a rush job a lovers quarrel all of making for a book or somebody’s Twisted movie. For a man that believe you can discipline a child without whipping them as he studied his profession he taught us his family how to do it too I try not to whoop my kids but I’m not him I never finish learning what he has learned so yes the mother of the child did all the whooping. And I constantly hear stories that would give most people nightmares if they ever crossed the legal system or have a woman from the hood who wants to go back but is what a man who never wants to go back. I try not to bring it up because everyone has their own way of telling it is all the same he didn’t do it I believe them then and I believe him now some people are simply not that type of person. But it my life I never knock or put anything past anyone I take them at face value. But he is in a place he does not belong even more so the state moved him back to the city from the prison he was at because he did it teach at the prison. And the inmates with taught him about it. Now he teaches downtown in the prison system all of this in 6 Months of incarceration wow even in prison he still amazes me my brother the future Doctor Milton Wayne Cole. I again saying I do not want any publicity or my name mentioned if this works out and the truth comes out I will tell him to his face when he is free and tell him stop loving so hard. Thank you for your time thank you for reading in the joy the rest of your day and your time

  2. Anonymous May 17, 2017 6:09 pm 

    Rather be watching the Simpson.

  3. Monique June 6, 2017 10:20 pm 

    Bias criminal justice system can’t be trusted. You do not need an indictment to arrest someone. Black folk are arrested everyday and there case goes before a grand jury months later. I don’t understand how these people like ex Sheriff Garcia sleep at night knowing they work/worked for a system build and designed to work for anyone white and designed to work against anyone of color. I’m sick of it!!

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