​The Factor has learned a veteran Houston police officer has left the force while facing an internal investigation. 
Our sources say officer Bruce Johnson, who’s been with the department for 22 years, is retiring. 
This comes after he found himself the target of an internal investigation. 
You may remember it was back in February when Johnson shot a man who was burglarizing his home. 
He says he received an alert on his phone that his home was being targeted. 
Johnson was relieved of duty that day because there were questions about him also physically assaulting the suspect. 
HPD confirms Johnson’s retired on March 9th. 

Previous report on Johnson:
HOUSTON (FOX 26) – Houston police say an off-duty officer shot a man several times after he caught him breaking into his home. The officer, Bruce Johnson, a 22-year HPD veteran, received a message on his phone from his alarm system that there was an intruder at his house.
When he got to his house on Yorkdale Road, authorities say he saw the man attempting to leave his house, with several of his items.
The man, who police describe as a black male in his 30s, apparently pulled a pickle knife out of his pocket and attempted to lunge at Johnson. 
Chief Art Acevedo says that’s when Johnson discharged several rounds of ammunition, striking the suspect numerous times.There was also a physical altercation. When police arrived, they found the suspect wounded on the street.
He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital where he underwent surgery. HPD says his status is not known, but he was shot numerous times. Officer Johnson did not sustain any serious injuries.
“When you have somebody in full uniform, in a full police uniform and you start fighting that individual and you pull a weapon on them you can almost be assured you’re probably going to get shot, you don’t take out a weapon and engage a person in this uniform,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.
Officer Johnson has been placed on administrative leave while HPD conducts its criminal and administrative investigation.