Houston police have arrested two suspects who fired shots at HPD officers at 7075 North Freeway at about 1:35 a.m. today (Sept. 8).

The suspects, Victor Antonio Sanchez (H/m, 29) and Jose Valentin Portillo (H/m, 20), are charged with aggravated assault on a police officer in the 263rd and 183rd State District Court respectively.  Photos of the suspects are attached to this news release.

HPD Homicide Division Special Investigations Unit Officers O. Garcia-Chavez and M. Carmichael reported:

Three HPD K-9 officers were stationed in a parking lot at the above address with their marked HPD patrol vehicles when they observed a blue Ford F-150 pickup truck traveling westbound in the 300 block of West Rittenhouse Street.  They then heard several consecutive gun shots and rounds buzzing over their heads.  The officers also saw muzzle flashes coming from inside of the F-150.  The officers activated their emergency equipment and attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver (Portillo) refused to stop and a short pursuit ensued.  The officers followed the vehicle to the 600 block of Granville and initiated a felony traffic stop in the driveway of 615 Granville Rd.  The officers were able to take Portillo and Sanchez into custody.  After securing the two suspects, the officers observed  a pistol on the front dashboard, as well as a mini AK-47 between the front passenger seat and center console.  The officers located three fired cartridges in the 300 block of W. Rittenhouse Street where the shooting originally occurred.  

The suspects were interviewed and they both admitted to their roles in the shooting.