The Factor is working to confirm criminal charges have been dropped against Houston rapper ZRO. 

This comes just months (July 2017) after ZRO was arrested and charged with physically assaulting his former girlfriend and entertainer Just Brittany.

Harris County court records show a grand jury no billed ZRO’s case today (Oct 10, 2017)… Ro’s legal name is Joseph McVey.

Those records also show the case is now officially closed. 

Harris County Records

The Factor reached out to ZRO’s attorney Charles Adams who says he’s seen the same information on court records but he has been tied up on another case in Galveston.

ZRO’s management team also confirmed they’ve seen the documents but they’re also awaiting final confirmation from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Isiah Factor legal analyst Carmen Roe says when a case is listed as no billed by the grand jury that means there was insufficient evidence to move forward with criminal proceedings. 

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