On August 10, 2017, Omar Davis, 52 years old, was formally charged with three 2nd Degree Felony offenses of Sexual Assault of a Child. On April 3, 2018, Omar Davis was convicted of the three felony offenses of Sexual Assault of a Child and received 10 years in prison on each count. The range of punishment was 2 to 20 years in prison. Omar Davis did not have any prior criminal history.

Omar Davis was arrested in July of 2017, after an investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Criminal Investigations Division (CID), revealed that Davis had sexually assaulted several girls who had escaped from a rehabilitation facility in Montgomery County. After running away from the rehabilitation facility, Davis initiated a conversation with the 16 year old child, and lured her into Davis’ residence, located in Montgomery County. Over the course of the night and into the following day, Davis sexually assaulted the victim multiple times. The victim was able to escape from Davis and return to the victim’s residence.

Law enforcement was contacted and Texas DPS – CID conducted a criminal Investigation into the disappearance and sexual assault of the 16 year old. The investigation culminated with a search and arrest warrant being executed on Davis’ residence and the seizure of multiple items from inside of the residence that implicated Davis in two more child sexual assaults. Two other child victims were identified and Davis was charged in those sexual assault cases as well.