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A North Texas man who was accused of molesting children after luring them with a backyard miniature train was killed in the Tarrant County jail.

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office confirmed 76-year-old Clinton Don Simpson was attacked by another inmate early Wednesday morning.
The medical examiner’s report states he suffered blunt force injuries to the head. His death was ruled a homicide.

Simpson ran Mr. Don’s Whistle Shop at his home in Keller. He hosted birthday parties and gave children rides on his miniature train.


The R&B group H-Town debuted in 1993 with the classic sexy single “Knockin’ da Boots.” The #1 song would go on to sell more than one million copies as did the H-Town debut album “Fever For Da Flavor.” Other hit songs for H-Town include “Emotions,” “Part Time Lover,” and the group’s version of “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” with Shirley Murdock featured on the track.

Recognizing a 25-year legacy of music, H-Town will be honored as a 2019 inductee into the National Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame.

To celebrate the milestone and honor, H-Town members “Shazam” Conner and “G.I.” Jackson will perform on Friday, Nov. 9 at E2 Ultra Lounge on 16940 Ella Boulevard.


In this day and age of extremes, there are more and more cases of couples going over board to impress their intended, family, and friends with their nuptials and honeymoon. But in some instances, there have been deadly consequences during that grand

entrance to the wedding or on that honeymoon.

On the Factor to discuss this issue is Amir Valinia, who is into extreme activities from skydiving to scuba diving to snow skiing.


There was definitely a blue wave in Harris County Tuesday night. Hundreds of thousands of people chose to vote straight ticket – 100,000 more Democrats chose that option than Republicans.

The results of that, experienced elected officials like Harris County Judge Ed Emmett was kicked to the curb and replaced by a 27-year-old newcomer. More than 50 Harris County Republican judges were also essentially fired by voters. All not likely because of how they performed on the bench, but because of that “R” behind their name.

On the Factor to talk about this are judges Mike Fields and Marc Carter, both who were replaced Tuesday night.

It was last month when Houston attorney Tony Buzbee announced on Fox 26’s Isiah Factor Uncensored that he is running for Mayor of Houston in the next election cycle.

The announcement sent shockwaves through City Hall and the city of Houston.

Early Wednesday morning after the passage of Proposition B, Buzbee now says he’s willing to help incumbent Mayor Sylvester Turner broker a deal with Houston firefighters.

This comes after Houston voters approved Prop B which gives the men and women of the fire department parity (equivalent) pay with police officers.

Mayor Turner says the city simply can’t afford an annual $100 million budget increase to fund this pay raise for firefighters.

Turner says the move will lead to layoffs that will include city workers along with firefighters.

Meanwhile, Buzbee, who supported the pay increase for firefighters, says he is now willing to help the Mayor negotiate with the men and women he calls heroes.

Read Buzbee’s statement below!

By: Tony Buzbee

He screwed himself due to pride//The results are now in for Prop B: Our current mayor campaigned hard against OUR firefighters in this election—and all they sought was equal pay. Seriously mayor?!?! Of course, now that the voters have spoken in favor of the firefighters, this weak kneed mayor has lost his fool’s errand. You should know, however, that even before this election, this mayor convinced the City Council to authorize in advance up to $1.3 million to pay lawyers—his buddies—to fight our firefighters in court just in the case that they won this election. What the hell?!?!?THIS HAS TO STOP. He should have never pitted our firefighters against the City or against our police force!!! This was a total lack of leadership on his part. Total waste of money. TURN HIM OUT.

I am going to call the mayor tomorrow and strongly encourage him to work out a deal with our firefighters and the city, without a lawsuit. He lost!! I’ve handled more litigation than anyone in this city and I’m willing to step in and personally work this out for the best interests of our city and on behalf of our firefighters, without charge. It is unacceptable that, because of the mayor’s ego, that he pitted our firefighters against our police, and our firefighters against the City. Our mayor did that!! Of course, our mayor has never served in the military or served as a first responder. No offense to him, but he is clueless on the mentality of these heroes. He needs to defuse this situation, now. There is no reason to waste litigation monies or to be so damn vindictive in the way that he has been with our best citizens. Prob B should have never even been on the ballot. Enough!!

Note: A spokesperson for the Proposition B campaign said no comment from Mayor Turner on this issue!