Three years ago, more than 100 people lined up outside the Tesla showroom in Lyndhurst to put $1,000 deposits on a car nobody had ever seen. That car was the Tesla Model 3, which offered the allure of an ultra cool brand combined with the environmental consciousness of an electric car for just $35,000.

After many starts and stops, three years later, Tesla is finally ready to fulfill those orders.

CEO Elon Musk announced Thursday the standard Model 3 is now available on starting at that promised price point of $35,000.

“Last month, I noted in my email that the fundamental issue Tesla must overcome is that our products remain too expensive for most people. We know there are many people who want to buy Model 3, but simply can’t afford to do so,” Musk wrote in a memo to employees obtained by CNBC. “This is a significant milestone for Tesla, the culmination of years of hard work by employees across the company.”

At the same time, Tesla announced it would be closing most of its stores in order to sell cars at those prices while remaining financially sustainable. The future of Tesla’s showroom in Lyndhurst, the only one in the Cleveland area, is unknown, however, The Plain Dealer reported last month the property is for sale.