A Popeyes worker recorded throwing a woman onto the pavement outside a restaurant in Tennessee has been charged with felony aggravated assault. 29-year-old Deriance Ra’Shaiel Hughes was arrested Friday.

The victim’s attorney, Rocky McElhaney, says the 55-year-old woman remains hospitalized with a shattered elbow, six broken ribs and a broken leg. He declined to publicly identify her until authorities do so.

More to the story:

A white woman was body slammed in a Popeyes parking lot after she allegedly threw a racial epithet at employees.

The incident took place at a Popeyes restaurant in Columbia, Tennessee. According to witnesses, the woman was attempting to dispute a charge on her bill, leading to a heated argument. Several workers asked her to leave the establishment, but before she left, the woman reportedly called the employees “n****rs.” She was then followed to the parking lot by several employees, including a man who picked her up and threw her down on the pavement.

The exchange and the altercation was caught on video. In the footage, a man off-camera can be heard saying, “You in the wrong place saying the n-word.”


  1. Anonymous November 11, 2019 10:00 pm  Reply

    Trump has given white folks balls. He firgot to tell them it also come with an azz whopping.

  2. Speaking Facts November 11, 2019 11:45 pm  Reply

    If a person call you a nigga and you respond to it then guess what you are A Nigga the point I am trying to make is that it’s just a word.I know what I am and it’s definitely not that but if I put the energy and effort into it then I’m allowing the enemy to get the upper hand. How is it we except and acknowledge the fact of our own kind calling each other niggas but when someone else of a different culture call us this we get to the point of violence..Yeah I know some will not agree with me on this one but we are grown adults so we should act accordingly..Calling me a name is minor but putting your hands on me is a different situation

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