valentine flowers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists are examining flower imports before those shipments arrive to stores and are purchased as Valentine’s Day bouquets.

CBP agriculture specialists are looking for foreign pests and plant diseases that are not found in the U.S. and if introduced could harm American agriculture.
“CBP agriculture specialists are specially trained in scientific fields such as entomology, botany, and other related fields,” said CBP Houston Port Director Charles Perez. “They identify tiny, microscopic pests and plant diseases preventing their introduction and potential devastation to the nation’s agriculture, which is indicative of their careful attention to detail.”


At international ports of entry, land borders and mail facilities, CBP agriculture specialists are the front line in the fight against the introduction of harmful insects and diseases into the United States.

Since January, CBP agriculture specialists, here, have inspected about 5 shipments of flowers a week. On Feb. 11, they inspected two shipments of roses, known in the industry as cut flowers. Bunches of roses were unwrapped and shaken over a white piece of paper. This action causes tiny pests to fall from flowers and scurry across the paper. When this happens, CBP agriculture specialists collect the pests for US Department of Agriculture to identify.
After shaking the roses, their leaves are inspected for insect eggs, snails sticking on the surface and symptoms of possible diseases.

Each day, CBP prevents potentially harmful plant pests and foreign animal diseases from entering the U.S. at more than 300 ports of entry. On a given day, about 425 pests are discovered and we send more than 4440 materials for quarantine, which include plant, meat, animal byproduct and soil.

During the 2015, from Jan. 1 to Feb. 14, CBP processed about 976 million cut flower stems, compared to 801 million stems during the 2014 season, an increase of 21 percent.


A Houston area cancer patient with Down Syndrome benefited from a recent donation by The Woodlands-based branch of United Capital, the country’s first financial life management firm.  

The $25,000 donation by United Capital  eases the burden for Noah Bratsch, and has sparked businesses and families in our area to give as much as they can to Noah and other families.

Noah is a 10 year old with Down Syndrome and he is from The Woodlands.  His story is here.

Team Noah has raise more than $115,000 since 2009 and we know the money continues to provide funding for clinical trials that have allowed the medical field to make such huge strides towards finding a cure for blood cancer.


This is the latest on the Kingwood water issue. It’s an email Houston City Councilman David Martin shared with the Factor from the contractor hired to manage the water supply in Kingwood. In the letter the contractor says the water in the northeast Harris County Community has cleared up. They also say there are no health risks to residents and the water issue is in no way similar to that of Flint, Michigan as some have suggested.


The latest from our Contractor Severn Trent.


From: Dawson, Jonathan
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 11:35 AM
To: Laake, Lauren – CNL; Beisel, Graham; Arquilla, Amy
Cc: Martin, David P; Beemer, Jessica – CNL
Subject: RE: Kingwood Water

The water was clear as of 8:00am the morning.

However,.. we were just informed minutes ago that another contractor has broken a major water line on west lake Houston… We have our staff already in route to arrive within moments. We are attempting to get in front of this and isolate the area quickly so prevent the spread of discolored water. I will contact you with more information as we receive it. Graham is in route to the location now to get all the facts and coordinate the effort.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact my cell as I will be heading to the location as well.

Kindest regards,

Jonathan Dawson

Project Manager – Kingwood


On Saturday, March 19, Pastor Keion Henderson will welcome over 300 men, women and children to The Lighthouse Church of Houston to participate in the church’s first ever mass baptism. Held during the Easter season, a time of reconciliation and renewal, the mass baptism offers members of the local community an opportunity to reconcile with their past and embark upon a new path by accepting Jesus Christ. 

The mass baptism is open to the public. All are welcome to attend. Included in this group of new coverts are married people, single people, rich people, and poor people. Some have been to prison, others have Ivy League diplomas. This baptism will contribute to the enhancement and improvement of not just the Christian community, but the broader community as well.
“Come and witness this great move of God in Humble, Texas,” said Pastor Henderson. “We are humbled to serve Humble, Texas for such a time as this.” 

First launched in 2009, The Lighthouse Church of Houston has become one of the fastest growing churches in the Houston with nearly 4,000 members. The church is committed to equipping people throughout the world and helping them to realize their full potential in spite of the fatigue that life presents. The church’s motto is “offering brighter tomorrows every day” and the church takes responsibility for creating a better tomorrow by assisting in the continual improvement of the world through spiritual application and human stewardship. 

Pastor Henderson has preached the Gospel to audiences throughout the U.S. and globally, including the United Kingdom and Africa. He is a charismatic and Christ-centered leader and a pillar of faith and beacon of hope for those who hear his message. 

The Lighthouse Church of Houston is located at 6650 Rankin Road in Humble. The baptism service will begin at 10:00 a.m.on Saturday, March 19,2016. Those baptized are also invited to attend Palm Sunday services at the church on the following day. 

“We are liberating men and women from the clutches of sin,” said Pastor Henderson. “This is a new beginning. The gift of forgiveness and eternal life is available to all who would receive it.” 

For more information about The Lighthouse Church of Houston, visit Sunday services are held each week at 10:00 a.m., and bible study is held each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Services and bible study are also streamed live on the church’s website.





On February 9, 2016 around 4pm, Montgomery County Pct. 4 Narcotics Interdiction Team (NIT), received information about possible stolen vehicles at a residence in the 20900 blk of S. Navasota in New Caney, TX.

An investigation confirmed a red F-150 pickup truck was stolen from the Cleveland, TX area.  Also on scene were 2 ATV’s that had the VIN numbers altered. Witnesses on scene advised the suspect had fled the property when deputies arrived, and provided the name and description.

Other Pct. 4 deputies canvassed the area looking for Justin Coker, who was located several streets away. Coker confessed to taking the vehicle earlier that morning. The ATV’s were turned over the Montgomery County Auto Theft for further investigation.

Also, while on scene a white Ford Explorer arrived, and when the driver saw deputies, he exited
the vehicle and locked all doors and refused a search. A K9 deputy was called to the scene and gave a positive alert on the vehicle. A small bag of methamphetamines was located, stuck to the driver’s wallet, located in the center console.

Justin Coker (date of birth 10/26/89)
Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
Christopher Oliver (date of birth 10/16/1989)
Possession of a Controlled Substance

Constable Hayden formed the NIT (Narcotics Interdiction Team) to not only stop the importation, use and sale of illegal narcotics in the East Montgomery County area, but to also combat the crime that is associated with illegal drug use and abuse.



Gilberto Ruvalcaba, 29, a Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitive, is now in custody after being captured Tuesday morning in Houston. The Sureño 13 gang member was wanted for parole violation. The arrest was not the result of a tip and no reward will be paid.

Acting on investigative information, members of the U.S. Marshals Service Gulf Coast Violent Offender Task Force, including DPS Criminal Investigations Division Special Agents, located and arrested Ruvalcaba near a Houston residence where he is believed to have been staying. Texas Highway Patrol also assisted in the apprehension.

In 2011, Ruvalcaba was convicted in El Paso County of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and received a nine-year prison sentence. Additionally in 2015, Crime Stoppers of Houston added Ruvalcaba to its list of most wanted gang members. For more information, see his captured bulletin at:

Ruvalcaba’s apprehension marks the first Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitive arrest in 2016. Texas Crime Stoppers, which is funded by the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division, offers cash rewards to any person who provides information that leads to the arrest of one of the Texas 10 Most Wanted fugitives or sex offenders.

To be eligible for the cash rewards, there are five different ways to provide anonymous tips:

Call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477).
Text the letters DPS – followed by your tip – to 274637 (CRIMES) from your cell phone.
Submit a web tip through the DPS website by selecting the fugitive you have information about, and then clicking on the link under their picture.
Submit a Facebook tip at by clicking the “SUBMIT A TIP” link (under the “About” section).
Submit a tip through the DPS mobile app. The app is currently available for iPhone users on the Apple App Store ( and for Android users on Google Play (

All tips are anonymous – regardless of how they are submitted.

DPS investigators work with local law enforcement agencies to select fugitives featured in the Texas 10 Most Wanted Program. To view the current lists – with photos – visit the DPS website at

Do not attempt to apprehend these fugitives; they are considered armed and dangerous.


WHAT:    The opportunity for media to photograph or film the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Houston branch honor D.A. Devon Anderson with the Legal Redress Award at the 2016 Alex Awards Luncheon.  The Legal Redress Award is given to individuals for outstanding commitment to equal justice, legal excellence, as well as criminal justice reform. D.A. Anderson is the first Harris County District Attorney to receive this prestigious honor.

WHO:     D.A. Devon Anderson, Harris County District Attorney, NAACP-Houston & many more
WHEN:    Thursday, February 11, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
WHERE:   Crowne Plaza Houston Hotel (Near NRG Stadium), 8686 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77054
HOW:     Contact Stephanie Belton at (713) 274-5936


WHY:    District Attorney Anderson has continued to create innovative diversion programs, which is driving a culture change in the county’s criminal justice system. District Attorney Anderson has also implemented programs like the First Chance Intervention Program to prevent prosecuting low-level marijuana possession arrests, in order to spare young people from the burden of a criminal record and to instead allocate further law enforcement resources for the prosecution of more serious crimes like human traffickers, and money launderers who profit from dangerous industries like drug cartels, prostitution and gambling.
D.A. Devon Anderson: “I am honored to receive such a monumental award from the NAACP – Houston.  Our office is fully committed to fostering goodwill and giving back to the communities that we are assigned to protect and to serve.  I am dedicated to upholding the integrity of this office by fairly enforcing the law and using cutting-edge strategies to insure public safety.  Community members, such as the NAACP-Houston, play a crucial role in attaining that goal.  This office is an open district attorney’s office, accessible to all Harris County residents, and committed to building mutual trust and respect between law enforcement and the community.”


Press Release:

At the height of the entertainment industry’s awards’ season, The Houston Forward Times is spotlighting some of the most exciting local and national entertainment and fashion stories. From television series’ debuts and profiles of Houston residents nominated for NAACP Image Awards to awards’ season fashion, the newspaper is dishing the latest Hollywood scoop.
“We still remain committed to covering poignant and thought-provoking local and national news stories that our readers have an interest in, including local politics, profiles of local community leaders, the future of healthcare in the U.S. and much more,” said Karen Carter Richards, chief executive officer and publisher.“But many of our millennial readers are greatly interested in entertainment, fashion and popular culture, so we’re committed to making sure that we keep our fingers on the pulse of these news categories as well.”
2016 marks The Houston Forward Times’ 56th year as the largest independently owned and published African American newspaper in the southern United States. Even today, it continues to be the strongest voice for African Americans in Houston and boasts an impressive legacy built on the quality of its news coverage and its leadership team’s active role in the community. In addition to its reputation for excellence in journalism and investigative reporting, the newspaper has also earned a reputation for its dedication to providing financial aid and internship opportunities to African American college students pursuing careers in journalism, graphic design and advertising.  
The Houston Forward Times’ 2016 media kit is currently available online and provides a detailed overview of its readership of over 250,000. The newspaper helps advertisers effectively reach the local African American population via print, web and mobile. Upcoming special editions include the popular Women’s History month, Mother’s Day and Juneteenth issues. In addition to traditional print ads, social media blasts, email blasts and video commercials are also available.
“Our growth has remained consistent with the growth of the African American population in Houston and we are the most trusted source of news that directly impacts African-Americans and expresses their point of view,” said Carter Richards. “We are appreciative of the loyalty of our subscribers and our advertisers and look forward to their continued support in 2016 and beyond.”
For more information about The Houston Forward Times, visit The Houston Forward Times is available at CVS, Fiesta, Kroger, Walgreens and HEB, and select Randalls and Wal-Mart locations.
 One-year and two-year subscriptions of the newspaper are available for $42 and $72 respectively. Advertising rates are available in the newspaper’s downloadable media kit or call  713.526.4727


Press Release: In Romans 13:7, God tells us to give honor to whom honor is due. A few hours before NAACP Houston presents its Alex Award to Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson, who went on record erroneously linking a fatal shooting of a deputy sheriff to the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, the Honey Brown Hope Foundation, founded by Tammie Lang Campbell, will present its “A Voice for Justice and Hope” Award to families who were killed, victimized and suffered great losses because of police brutality.

During this award ceremony and press conference, honorees will be recognized as “A Voice for Justice and Hope” when their loved ones were subjected to police abuse, killings, shootings and racial profiling.

This free Black History award ceremony will be held at the same location as the NAACP Houston Branch’s $100 per ticket Alex Award Ceremony, Crowne Plaza Houston (Reliant), 8686 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77054 on February 11, 2016 from 10:00 am-11:00 am. It’s designed to remember those who have been subjected to injustice by the very ones charged with the responsibility of protecting and upholding justice.

To be clear, it’s not us vs. them. It’s about NAACP Houston, a branch of the oldest civil rights organization, turning its head and disregarding the attack upon our community.

With no evidence of a motive for mentally ill black man accused in the fatal shooting of a white sheriff deputy, Darren Goforth, District Attorney Anderson attempted to incite a race riot and further tension between law enforcement and the black community. During a press conference she commented on how Blacks should not declare war on police.

“…There are a few bad apples in every profession — that does not mean that there should be open warfare declared on law enforcement,” said DA Anderson last year.

Attendees’ question to NAACP Houston will be, how does the DA spewing polarizing rhetoric and erroneously attributing a motive to the #BlackLivesMatter movement put her in a position to receive an award from NAACP Houston?

“This movement is about justice for all,” said Founder and Executive Director of the Honey Brown Hope Foundation Tammie Lang Campbell, who is also a National NAACP Image Award Winner, and Former NAACP Texas State Education Chairperson and Missouri City and Vicinity NAACP President. “It seeks to end police violence, profiling and killings — not promote violence against law enforcement.”

DA Anderson’s race baiting allegation adds insult to injury for Blacks who are subjected to injustice on a regular basis. It is a clear indicator of why under her leadership, 51 percent of Harris County Jail inmates imprisoned for state jail felonies are Black, while only 19 percent of Harris County population is Black, according to the US Census.

The Honey Brown Hope Foundation’s “A Voice for Justice and Hope” Award Ceremony honorees are listed below. The Foundation will be joined by partners, Truth to Power and Community Alive, other activists and concerned citizens. The event is free of charge, but seating is limited. Please RSVP at

Note: We would love to post a response from the NAACP…


“Bank Jugging” is term is used to describe suspects who sit in bank parking lots and watch customers go in and
out of a bank. The suspects follow the customers they believe are in possession of cash and look for an opportunity to burglarize their vehicles or rob them directly. This is a growing crime trend in the Houston area and in Montgomery
County as well.

On October 5, 2015 two bank jugging suspects, from Northeast Houston, were watching a southeast Houston
bank. The suspects followed a man from the bank to a nearby restaurant parking lot where they burglarized his vehicle
– stealing his money. Officers with the Houston Police Department’s Northeast Tactical Unit were nearby and able to
take the suspects into custody.

The suspects were identified as Patrick English and Roosevelt Hart. The suspects are documented members of the criminal street gang “Market Street Money Gang”. Members of the gang are known for pharmacy burglaries, bank jugging thefts and robberies, sliding thefts, commercial safe cracking burglaries, aggravated
robberies, narcotics trafficking, identity theft, cigarette thefts and more.

Suspect Patrick English has been arrested numerous times in bank jugging investigations. He has recently been attributed to bank jugging cases all over the state of Texas. When arrested on October 5th, suspect English was out on
bond for three separate Harris County felony charges and one felony charge out of Fort Bend County.

After the October arrest, officers with the Houston Police Department and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
followed up on a Spring/The Woodlands area bank jugging case from September of 2015. Officers were able to identify
Patrick English and Henry Wilson as suspects. Patrick English and Henry Wilson followed a man from Spring/The
Woodlands area bank to a local Chick-Fil-A parking lot. When the man went into the restaurant to order food, Henry
and Patrick burglarized his vehicle and stole over $13,000 that he had just withdrawn from the bank.

Both are formally charged in Montgomery County for the third degree offense of “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.” English, already in custody in Harris County, will be transferred to Montgomery County to stand trial.
Henry Wilson was already on the run from a Harris County bank jugging charge and his current location is unknown. Law Enforcement officials are asking for the public’s help in locating Wilson and will hold a Press Conference on February 10,
2016 to disseminate more information on this suspect.


Carrying on his tradition of star-studded surprises, young director Sama’an Ashrawi has enlisted the likes of Chris Rock, Drake, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer, Waka Flocka, Questlove, Black Thought, Jean Grae, Eric André, Touré, Robert Glasper, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, ItsTheReal, Sonnymoon, and Damien Lemon for a surprise titled, An Ode To Hannibal Buress.

With invaluable help from producers Cali Green and Ginny Suss, and music supervision from acclaimed DJ/producer, Amerigo Gazaway, the entire process took nearly a year and was filmed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and New York City. 

The surprise was timed to coincide with the release of Buress’ newest stand-up special, Comedy Camisado, and tonight’s New Hampshire primaries. Prior to filming, with a presidential theme in mind, Ashrawi wrote short vignettes that made reference to Hannibal’s stand-up material, and, once behind the lens, gave his subjects three topics to choose from: love, hate, and crazy. The result was varyingly sentimental and hilarious. 

“[Hannibal] represents a voice we haven’t heard,” says Flying Lotus. 

Ode the Hannibal features narration by Chris Rock and follows Ashrawi’s surprise UGK documentaries, made for Bun B, starring Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, J. Cole, Macklemore, A$AP Rocky, Lupe Fiacso, Rapsody, and Hannibal Buress himself. 

direct link:


Employees at Houston Premium Outlet Mall in Cypress are complaining about thefts that leave them stranded on the job.

One employee says she went to work and when she came out the very wheels were stolen off her vehicle.

That person says her car was left flat on the ground.

Our sources say at least four cars have been hit within a week and there are no security cameras in the parking lot of the business.

We have placed a call to the Harris County Sheriff’s office but we’re told the Constable in Precinct 4 handles security for the facility.

We’re also hoping to get a comment from that agency.


We also placed a call to the operations manager at Houston Premium Outlet Mall but have not heard back as of yet.

Stay tuned and watch your wheels.

Statement from HPO:


As these thefts are currently under investigation by Harris County Constable Precinct 4, we suggest reaching out to them for more information. As always, we encourage our employees and shoppers to report suspicious activity immediately to Houston Premium Outlets security.