The Factor received this exclusive statement from Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s office this afternoon.

It comes in response to an anticipated Sunday afternoon press conference where activist Quanell X will ask Sheriff Adrian Garcia to resign.

This is after it was revealed an inmate with mental issues was living in a cell filled with feces and bugs while deputy jailers failed to act.

Exclusive Statement:

Sheriff Adrian Garcia:

“The people of Harris County rightly expect and demand accountability and transparency in their government. My administration strives every day to give the public the  highest level of transparency and accountability. I’m proud of that fact.

“When I took over the county jail there were many issues and challenges and I have implemented many reforms that have contributed greatly to our public safety. We no longer just warehouse inmates, as had been the practice for many years prior, but now there is incredible time and effort to helping those once in our custody to live more positive and productive lives. Under my leadership inmate GED instruction, vocational education, spiritual ministry and counseling has been a priority since I took office – a priority that wasn’t there before.

“The punishments I have handed out as a result of this tragic Goodwin incident are the actions I have taken all along since I took office, holding all staff accountable to levels never seen before. This is what the community has expected and this is what I have delivered.

“After I learned of this incident I took the initiative to notify the DOJ, the FBI, and the District Attorney’s Office and gave each of them everything we knew about this incident at that time. No one had to demand such action.

“At the request of the District Attorney’s Office, I paused the internal investigation in order to ensure they had every opportunity to pursue criminal charges, as a result they indicted two employees, and this past Friday I dealt with all others involved.

“When the DA’s Office finished their work, we aggressively completed our internal investigation resulting in the punishments announced Friday.

“I understand Ms. Lambert’s anger over what happened to her son, and I have always shared her feelings. What happened to inmate Goodwin should never have happened, and my actions will help to keep it from happening again.

“The multi-point reform plan that I implemented in the county jail is a result of that shared anger and my desire for justice for law abiding citizens, the accused, and the guilty.

“However, I had already implemented the Crisis Intervention Response Team that has been able to keep over 1000 persons with mental illness from ever coming to jail.

“These reforms also serve as a reminder that more needs to be done on the front end of what brings people to the county jail, the mentally ill in our community are underserved and the county jail regretfully continues to be the primary mental health care facility for those in need. Until this reality changes, it will continue to cause challenges for my staff.

“The county jail will circulate about 120,000 inmates this year, I have nearly 5000 employees, and on any given day there are about 9000 inmates in my custody of which almost 30% are suffering from a serious mental illness. We have dramatically reduced the jail population in Harris County and improved the conditions of those in our custody and at the same time coming under budget four consecutive years. This isolated incident should not let this track record be forgotten.”







The Factor would like to thank organizers at the 4th annual Nigerian-American Multicultural Council for inviting me to serve at their master of ceremonies Saturday night.

It was the yearly fundraiser for the organization that’s trying to build a community center in Houston.

The facility will not only provide resources for members of the Nigerian-American community but will also stand as a gathering place for the youth in our community.

Dozens of people attended the event which could only be described as a huge success for the organization.

The event was held at the Houston Westin hotel!

More information: NAMC


Press release from Quanell X:

Community activist Quanell X will hold a press conference this Sunday in front of the Harris County jail to call for the resignation of sheriff Adrian Garcia and ask the DOJ to step in and take over the Harris County jail after the horrific pictures of jail immate Terry Goodwin being tortured in his jail cell by guards Ms Mashell lambert Mr Goodwin mother will be present brothers and sisters this is happening everyday in the Harris County jail we must take a stand time 4 pm were 1200 baker st April 26.

Btw, sent Sheriff Garcia a text for a comment and waiting on his response!



Education on responsible firearm safety and storage is the first step towards preventing firearm accidents in the home. With this in mind, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will join the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Harris County Constable’s Office to host a special media and public event to provide free firearm safety kits (including a gun lock and safety information) to the community.

Law enforcement representatives will demonstrate how to properly install the locks on various firearms and Project ChildSafe will discuss its new safety video for parents: “How to Talk to Your Kids about Firearm Safety.” The video, starring champion shooter, veteran and mother Julie Golob, serves as a first-of-its-kind resource to guide parents in conversations about gun safety with children and teens.

WHAT: Project ChildSafe Firearm Safety Event and Gun Lock Distribution

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 2015 – 9:30 AM

WHO: Bill Brassard, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)
Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia
Constable Ron Hickman Harris County Constable Pct 4
Chief Alan Bragg, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Police Department

WHERE: Salute to Law Enforcement: Sam Houston Race Park – Pavillion Centre (inside)
7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway West, Houston, Tx 77064

WHY: Instilling awareness about firearm safety and proper storage, especially in the minds of young people, is the first step towards preventing firearm accidents, theft and misuse. This event will provide free gun locks to help area residents responsibly store their firearms when they aren’t in use, while encouraging families to start the important conversation about firearm safety in their homes.

VISUALS: Gun lock demonstration / safety kit distribution / Speakers will be available immediately after the
event for interviews.

Project ChildSafe will also provide its new educational video for parents, “How to Talk to Your Kids about Firearm Safety”


The West Gray Metropolitan Multi-Service Center is temporarily closed to the public due to flooding caused by a major water main leak.


Parks Director Joe Turner

Since the building must remain closed until repairs are complete, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department is coordinating to relocate their programs to other community centers throughout Houston for the duration.

Damages to the facility are still being assessed, and the District C office will disseminate the re-open date as that information is received.


On Thursday, METRO voted to sell the former Pinemont Park and Ride Property to Harris County, who intends to build a multi-service center. The decision is a shift from an earlier plan to sell the property to the Houston Housing Authority. Council Member Cohen applauded the decision and expressed her appreciation for the many District C neighborhoods who came together to ensure their voices were heard on this issue. CM Cohen looks forward to learning more about the county’s plan for the center.


Btw, sent Sheriff Garcia a text for a comment and waiting on his response!

A Houston nightclub owner says he wants his money back after being raided by law enforcement officers twice since he opened.

Marcquette Jones says Houston police officers have been to his Third Ward nightclub – the Spice Lounge – once in January then again this month.  He says on both occasions the officers, who were captured on surveillance video, confiscated his money. 

Jones says the first visit cost him $34,000 and he claims the officers only turned in a portion of that money to their evidence room.

Jones says, “I thought that was the American way, you’re suppose to work hard and I did that and the cops took my money that’s against the law and that’s wrong.”

A spokesman for the Houston Police Department says they are aware of Jones’ allegations and they’re taking them seriously. 

In a released statement HPD says the case is under investigation.

Quanell X called the press conference for Jones and he says he doesn’t believe the cops were on official business.

Full Statement from HPD:

The Houston Police Department takes allegations of officer misconduct seriously.  We are in receipt of a complaint filed by Marcquette Jones and the case will be thoroughly investigated.  Due to the on-going nature of this investigation, HPD will withhold further comment on the matter until the conclusion of the investigation.

–        Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr.


The wait will soon be over for those who are concerned about an Austin County veterinarian suspected of killing a cat.

Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes says he officially turned over his investigation of the case to the Austin County District Attorney.

A rep at the DA’s office says there could be a release going out on the case real soon.

It was last week when Dr. Kristen Lindsey was fired from her job at the Washington Animal Clinic after she allegedly posted a photo of herself holding a dead cat with an arrow through its head on Facebook.

That post suggested Lindsey shot what she called a feral tomcat with a bow and arrow.

Sheriff Brandes says if charged the animal doctor could be slapped with cruelty charges.

So far we have not been able to get a comment from Lindsey.



The battle continues on in the Greater Oak Forest community as dozens of residents plan to flood a Metro meeting this week.

Those who live in the area say they don’t want the public transportation company to sell the Pinemont Park and Ride lot to the Housing Authority.

Residents say that will lead to low income housing units in their community that will not only affect them but the residents who will move into the government assisted housing facility.

That meeting is scheduled for 9 am Thursday at Metro headquarters off Main Street in downtown Houston.


There are several neighborhoods around us impacted: Forest West, Pinemont Park, Forest Pines, Mangum Manor, Candlelight Oaks, etc.


Frederick Ramon Robinson, 45, a Houston resident and convicted felon, has been arrested and is set to make his initial appearance on charges of unlawfully possessing a firearm, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson.

Robinson was arrested today and is set to make his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Frances H. Stacy at 2:00 p.m.

The criminal complaint alleges that authorities initiated an investigation into Robinson after he publicly posted several messages on various social media sites such as Twitter. Those alleged posts claimed such comments as “if white people hate ISIS so much, then I like ISIS. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. #chopthemheadsoff Amerikkka is the Black Man’s Foe.” The complaint further alleges he tweeted such statements as “I say, don’t hesitate—start shooting in their cars. empty whole clips. find them at home and fire bomb it. anything., do something.”

According to the charges, Robinson posted pictures of firearms he owned and allegedly demonstrated how to load firearms in videos he posted online.

As a convicted felon, he is prohibited from possessing firearms per federal law. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

The charges are the result of investigation conducted by a joint State and federal task force that includes the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the FBI. Assistant U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani is prosecuting the case.

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