Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings


It was Tuesday afternoon when I decided to pull the arrest record of the Minnesota Viking’s star player who’s at the center of a firestorm.

I went online to the Montgomery County District Clerk’s website and Adrian Peterson came right up.

The electronic data included his indictment, bond conditions, and arrest report.

After viewing the documentation for a while I noticed something disturbing that also stood out.

I noticed the information released by the clerk’s office could be a gold mine for an identity theft thief on the prowl.

The documents not only contained Peterson’s name and date of birth but it gave the multimillionaire’s driver’s license and social security numbers.

Give that critical and sensitive information to the dumbest criminal and they could open credit accounts, buy a car, or even a house in the name of Adrian Peterson.

We alerted Peterson’s legal team immediately.

The spokesperson (Mary Flood) for the case was shocked and outraged.

The next day because it was after business hours we decided to contact the clerk’s office in Montgomery County.

The secretary at the office admitted they made a mistake but when the actual clerk was asked about the release of the sensitive information she simply said no comment.

When I decided to check the information online again after alerting the clerk it was gone.

Instead of the criminal file containing six documents there were only two and visibly missing was the record showing Peterson’s social security and driver’s license numbers.

Montgomery County criminal defense attorney Rick Bass says typically this type of sensitive information is blocked online with all defendants.

All of this comes just days after Peterson was arrested for going too far with disciplining his 4 year old son at his Woodlands estate last May.

Peterson was indicted on injury to a child which carries a two year prison sentence if convicted.

This security breach with Peterson’s personal information came just hours before the Minnesota Vikings suspended the star running back.

BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: An attorney for an ex-West Point cadet told jurors Tuesday that veteran R&B singer Patti LaBelle ordered her bodyguard to beat up the cadet as he waited for a ride home outside a Houston airport terminal, resulting in a brain injury that forced him to drop out of the military academy.

The lawsuit against LaBelle alleges the cadet, Richard King, was waiting for his family to pick him up outside one of the terminals at Bush Intercontinental Airport in March 2011, when LaBelle’s bodyguard and two others attacked him. King had just arrived in Houston, his hometown, while on spring break from West Point.

King sued LaBelle; Zuri Edwards, LaBelle’s manager and son; Efrem Holmes, her bodyguard; and Norma Harris, her hair dresser.

The trial is expected to last about a week. LaBelle, who was in court Tuesday, was expected to testify.


A Harris County grand jury has indicted a man for murder for the 2008 death of a driver during a ‘road rage’ incident in east Harris County.

Kenneth Bowman, 25, has been charged with murder for the shooting death of Feliciano Concha-Maxinez on July 30, 2008.

That day, Feliciano Concha-Maxinez was driving home from a friend’s house. As he turned right onto Mesa Dr. from Beltway 8 North, he crossed the center line and almost struck a white Ford Taurus being driven by Kenneth Bowman. Bowman became angry and fired several shots from a 9 mm handgun at Concha-Maxinez’s SUV. One of the bullets struck Concha-Maxinez in the back of the head. He subsequently crashed his vehicle into a tree and later died at the hospital.

The case was investigated by the HCSO Homicide Unit in 2008. Several leads were developed but witnesses were uncooperative and the case was eventually transferred to the Cold Case Unit.

In 2012, Sergeants Robert Minchew and Eric Clegg with the HCSO’s Cold Case Unit began actively investigating the case. New information and witnesses were developed which led to Kenneth Bowman’s murder indictment on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

Bowman is currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s McConnell Unit in Beeville, Texas for a robbery charge. He will eventually be transferred to the Harris County Jail.

Since Sheriff Adrian Garcia reconstituted the Cold Case Unit in 2009, cold case investigators have been able to clear 22 cases and have been able to provide justice to 26 victims.