It was shocking for listeners when they tuned in to their favorite radio station in Houston Sunday and read a racial slur.  The offensive word appeared on the computerized or digital radio display for 97.9 The Box.  Instead of showing the current name of the song playing on air the radio showed the word niggers.  A note and post from the radio station revealed they’d been hacked at 9:20 pm and they were investigating the source.  It’s not clear if the company owned by Radio One will bring in police to assist in the probe.


Sometimes there are heroic actions by police officers and deputies that we never hear about.  However, in this day and age of social media we’re hearing more about it.  The Factor’s former cop of the week is at it again.  Harris County Precinct 5 Deputy Constable Steven Deliphose shared on social media how he had to rescue three children from a hot car while their mother was drunk in the vehicle with them.  To top it off Deliphose writes the Mom was passed out with an empty bottle of vodka by her.  I’m more than sure CPS was called and got involved.  Shout out to the unsung heroes on the street like Steven Deliphose!


Earlier this week the Factor reported members of the Metro Police Union were angry with a member of Metro’s board of directors.

They accused that member of throwing her weight around after being ticketed for improperly using the HOV lane on the North Freeway last week.

The union took to social media saying  the lane had to be temporarily shut down.

Lisa Castaneda,  who is also the deputy director of the Harris County Toll Road Authority, says she never violated the rules or used her influence during the encounter.

Apparently,  Metro agrees and issued the county exec an apology and has ordered a review of protocol on the HOV /HOT lanes.

Here’s the statement issued by Metro:

METRO Board Member Helps Correct Ticketing Error at HOV/HOT Lane

METRO Board Member Lisa Castañeda helped to correct a ticketing error at the North Freeway HOT/HOV Lane after she was erroneously issued a warning citation by METRO Police monitoring the lane.

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, Ms.Castañeda entered the lane prior to the cut off time for single occupant vehicles, but was cited for violating the HOV occupancy requirement.  Ms. Castañeda reached out to METRO to inform management that something was wrong.

After Ms. Castañeda notified management, METRO Police instructed officers to turn over the tickets that were issued during that time frame for review, and then the officers returned to patrol the lanes.

This is an unfortunate mistake and we apologize to Ms. Castañeda and the other drivers. We appreciate Ms. Castañeda bringing this issue to our attention and  we are reviewing procedures to make sure that the signage and enforcement efforts are all in sync.          


Despite what some national news outlets are reporting it appears the Sandra Bland autopsy is not botched and complete in Texas.

However, I have learned officials in Texas have asked the family and attorney in Illinois to preserve Bland’s body for other reasons.

I’m told that request for preservation was made because new information was revealed that wasn’t known during the autopsy.

The Harris County medical examiner issued the following statement to media outlets today.

Statement from Medical Examiner:

The autopsy examination and report for Sandra Bland was completed by the Harris County Medical Examiner, but is not a Harris County case. The death occurred in Waller County and is a Waller County case. The completed autopsy report has been provided to those agencies requesting the autopsy examination.



Fox 26 news has learned the Harris County Medical Examiner has officially completed the autopsy of Sandra Bland. Tricia Bentley says their office must first get the permission of the Waller County Attorney before the exam is released to the public or media.

That report will likely be released today according to Bentley who is spokesperson for the Medical Examiner’s office!,


The Factor has learned there is a protest scheduled this Sunday ‘outside the home’ of the Texas State Trooper who arrested Sandra Bland. 



That protest is being spearheaded by activist Quanell X. 

I spoke with him this morning and he says the public is invited.

Quanell X says he plans to march with students and community folk!


A limited number of autopsy photos showing injuries (neck, arm, and back)  to Sandra Bland will likely be released Wednesday.  Officials with Waller County have received a preliminary autopsy report from the Harris County Medical Examiner.  However, as you can see below the completed version is not done or hasn’t been released to the public just yet.


You might as well call it a death sentence if you’re an elected official who is labeled a racist in this day and age.  That’s unless the people who vote for you at the polls don’t really have an issue with someone who has a soiled past wrapped in a Confederate flag.

That’s the problem Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith is facing.

Smith runs the jail where 28 year old Sandra Bland was found dead on July 13th.  Investigators and the Harris County Medical Examiner say it was a suicide while some in the public insist it was murder behind bars.

Sheriff Smith at earlier press conference with media where he said he was not a racist

That controversial death has made Smith public enemy number one and with that title comes the usual.  The Factor has learned Sheriff Smith has received several death threats since Bland’s story gained national attention.

Reliable sources say those promises of death to the Sheriff started rolling in after the Prairie View graduate and Chicago native’s death became a rallying call on social media.

Sandra Bland after being booked into Waller County jail

The threats could also explain why Sheriff Smith allowed Captain Brian Cantrell to conduct one of the most important press conferences Monday since the story first broke last week.  Captain Cantrell was tasked with answering questions from the news media after he released the video of Bland’s last few hours alive in the Waller County jail.  Visibly absent at the press briefing was Sheriff Smith.

Smith has been a controversial figure since being fired from the Hempstead Police Department back in March 2008.  Back then the city council accused Smith of targeting Blacks in the community and shoddy police work.  Then Mayor Michael Wolfe told the Factor by phone there was no one specific reason why he was fired but several and they gave Smith the chance to resign but he refused.

In the meantime, we have learned some residents of Waller County will attend the Commissioner’s Court meeting Wednesday and ask for Sheriff Smith to resign.

LaVaughn Moseley in yellow shirt will ask for Sheriff Glenn Smith to resign Wednesday

LaVaughn Mosley, a good friend of Sandra Bland, says it’s time the Sheriff Smith steps down.

Moseley says he will make his call for a resignation public at the 9:00 a.m. session that’s open to the public.

There’s no word if Sheriff Smith will attend.

Note: A request for information on the death threats against Smith has not been answered as of yet by the Waller County Sheriff’s Office!