If anyone has worked with or knows Joe Lanford you’d realize what a big fan he is of the Crescent City. That being N.O., Nawlins, or New Orleans. The Houston FOX 26 News photographer spends as much time as possible in the Big Easy. So, when the New Orleans Saints had a chance at winning the Super Bowl – he made a promise to himself. If the WhoDats win he would get a tattoo. We all know the Saints won the Super Bowl this year so Joe had to deliver. On Tuesday he followed through and had the big unveiling. Lanford actually had the Saints logo or the Fleur De Lis permanently etched onto his arm. That’s a guy who follows through. Way to go Joe!

A female Houston firefighter is now demanding justice after enduring what she calls harassment and discrimination.

Attorneys representing Jane Draycott have filed a lawsuit against the City of Houston. The lawsuit comes after Draycott says she was the victim of racist and sexist grafitti during the summer of 2009 at Houston Station 54.

Draycott’s attorney says the city and investigators dropped the ball.

Joseph Ahmad, who represents Draycott, says, “If the OIG would have resolved this case, this lawsuit wouldn’t have been necessary..”

Mayor Annise Parker says there are changes being made at the Houston Fire Department. However, Parker says she will defend the city vigorously in court for this lawsuit.

In the suit, Draycott alleges discrimination, harassment, and protection under the whistle blower act. The legal paperwork was filed Monday night in the Harris County Civil Court system.

An investigation by the Houston Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations led to a dead-end in finding the person responsible. During that investigation, Draycott provided handwriting samples.

In March, city investigators announced they may not ever be able to find who was responsible for the words scrawled on the walls after the nine-month-long probe.

Ahmad says a decision has not been reached as to when Draycott will return to the fire station.



The City Controller’s Office Audit Division has completed a limited scope contract compliance audit involving the technical service agreements (TSAs) between Houston Airport System (HAS) and HASDC.

There were some internal control issues identified in the billing process resulting in unbilled activity found from the testing performed. These findings were deemed to be low risk based on the estimated magnitude and impact.

Other than the reimbursement issues noted in the report, nothing came to the attention of the Auditors that did not appear to be in compliance with the agreements.

“Another component of the audit focused on profitability,” said Controller Ronald Green. “The potential net operating revenues and future liquidated equity appears to have long term benefit to HAS, if the activities outlined in the agreement are allowed to continue.”

The initial Audit Notification letter stated the objectives for this engagement were primarily to determine whether the City/HAS is being compensated as outlined in the agreements between HAS and HASDC.


Mayor Parker to Announce Houston Airport System Director!

Who: Mayor Annise Parker

What: Announcement of Mayor Parker’s selection for Houston Airport System director

When: Wednesday, April 14, 11:00 a.m.

Where: Proclamation Room, 3rd Floor, Houston City Hall



The Insite and FOX 26 news have learned Houston firefighter Jane Draycott has filed a lawsuit against the city of Houston. In the suit Draycott alleges discrimination, harassment, and protection under the whistle blower act. The legal paperwork was filed Monday night in the Harris County Civil Court system. Draycott was one of two female firefighters who found sexist and racist graffiti on the walls of station 54 last summer. Just last month city investigators announced they may not ever be able to find who was responsible after a 9 month long probe. Joseph Ahmad, Draycott’s attorney, says they have not decided when she is going back to the fire station!


PRESS RELEASE: As you know, President Obama’s socialized medicine bill is threatening our economy, our health and our freedom. This is the first time in American history that the federal government has mandated we buy a service.
Liberals and conservatives have very different views regarding health care reform. Liberals desire to move America to a single payer government run health care system. In the most recent health care legislation they do this through mandates, subsidies, taxes and regulations. Ultimately, Democrats want to end risk-based insurance by prohibiting insurance companies from setting premium prices that are based on age, health, or other criteria. Democrats seek to push changes that would raise the cost of premiums in the private sector, and then supplement it with a government run program that would enjoy exemptions from market forces and ultimately force private insurers out the insurance market by offering an attractive public option to individuals whose employers can no longer afford to pay for health insurance.
Conservative reform includes introducing market forces into the health insurance system, reducing inefficiency in government, and giving access to the market for those with preexisting conditions. These targeted reforms would further improve the insurance market for the best health care system in the word. There is a reason people come from all over the world to get health care in the United States-it is the best!
But there is something we can do. I’m calling on every Republican to sign our online petition asking for Governor Perry to call for a Special Session of the Texas Legislature to enact legislation that would nullify Obamacare in the state of Texas. Specifically, a Health Care Freedom Act that would override any law, rule or regulation that forces employers or individuals to join any particular health care system.
The Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The nullification process allows states to enforce those rights and ultimately “resist federal encroachments on their powers.” (1798 Virginia and Kentucky Legislatures). When a state decides to nullify a federal law, it is simply saying that the particular legislation is not law within that state.
Now is the time for us to stand up and tell Washington, “Enough is Enough!” To access our online petition asking Governor Perrry to call for a Special Session of the Texas Legislature to nullify Obamacare, go to (Update: over 7,500 have already added their name.)
It is important to note that many states, including Texas, have filed lawsuits to undo this unconstitutional piece of legislation. However, the best way to emasculate the legislation in the near future is to send Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrat Congress home in November. A Republican Congress would allow us to defund the legislation and kill it for all practical purposes.
I cannot overemphasize the importance of voting. In fact, it is important that you vote in the Republican primary run-off elections on Tuesday, April 13. For information on your polling location, please access our website at Thank you for your commitment to the conservative cause. I look forward to working with you toward victory in November.



The Greater Houston Partnership today announced the launch of its Houston Young Professionals Endeavor (HYPE) program. HYPE’s mission is to groom the region’s next generation of business leadership by providing unique professional development programming and opportunities to engage with leaders of GHP Member businesses. Additionally, GHP will look to this group to offer perspective from the 21 to 40 demographic on the regional issues GHP addresses. ranks Houston as one of the top cities in the U.S. for young professionals. As the premier business organization in the Houston region, GHP sees the launch of HYPE as an important step in continuing regional economic prosperity and advocating for the issues that shape our future. “To secure GHP’s legacy of leadership, we must tap into new energy from a broader range of community leaders,” says Patrick Oxford, chairman of GHP. HYPE will provide the region’s emerging leaders a forum to learn from heads of industry to enhance their professional networks and to be a voice at the table as GHP leads the way in moving this region forward.

The program will offer unique continuing education programs, professional development experiences and networking opportunities, the first of which will be a kick-off event in conjunction with The Houston Texans’ Draft Day Party at Reliant Stadium on Thursday, April 22nd.

There is no cost to join HYPE, and it is open to GHP Members and nonmembers. It will serve as a sub-committee of GHP’s Member Services committee which is chaired by Jamey Rootes, president, The Houston Texans. HYPE’s leadership team boasts up-and-coming talent from around the region and across industry sectors. The team is lead by chair Will McMullen, UBS Investment Bank, and includes:
• David T. Anderson, III, 20.10 Media, LLC
• Beau Bellow
• Cassye Cook, Sysco Corporation
• Wes Johnson, Noble Energy, Inc.
• Jen Lemanski, Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas, PC
• Benton Love, Calpine Corporation
• Max Monzon, Raintree Resorts International
• Alyssa Rodriguez, UBS Financial
• Nate Stockard, Melaroo Web Marketing

Recognizing that future business leaders are increasingly tech-savvy, HYPE is employing several social media platforms to reach the region’s young professionals with a presence on Facebook (Houston Young Professionals Endeavor – HYPE), Twitter (ghphype), LinkedIn and Ning.

For more information or to join HYPE, visit To RSVP for HYPE’s kick-off event, contact Abby McFarland at 713-844-3692 or