Isiah Carey

Gender Male
Astrological Sign Libra
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation REPORTER
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction FOX 26 News reporter and Houston Blogger!
Interests Movies, horseback riding, auto repair, and the delicate but illusive art of lawn care which I can't seem to get quite yet.
Favorite Movies The Exorcist, Night Of The Living Dead, Star Wars, Barbershop, Friday, Dawn of the Dead, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle & Dodge Ball
Favorite Music Varying music from R&B to Oldies to Hip Hop to Pop - eclectic mix
Favorite Books The one I've been writing for a year, The Autobiography of Malcom X, Invisible Man, Bias, Let The Church Say Amen

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

Why do monkeys wear shoes on Sundays and refuse bananas on Thursday?