Federal authorities are considering making the potent anesthetic propofol — one of the drugs found in Michael Jackson’s home — a controlled substance, which would put new limits
on its distribution.

The Drug Enforcement Administration was petitioned two years ago to make propofol a so-called “scheduled” drug under the Controlled Substances Act. That designation is used to impose
restrictions on distributing and prescribing certain drugs prone to abuse and addiction.

DEA spokesman Rusty Payne confirmed Wednesday that the agency is considering adding propofol to the list of controlled substances.

Until Jackson’s death, the main concern about propofol was its potential for abuse by medical staff, because it is usually administered intravenously in hospitals.


Note: It was Tuesday when Annise Parker announced she’d raised $800,000 from her supporters. Wednesay Locke released his numbers and there is about a $300,000 gap between the candidates!

The Gene Locke for Mayor campaign today announced that it had raised more than $1.15 million in its first reporting period of the campaign. More than 30% was raised between June 1, 2009 and June 30, 2009, showing the growing support and energy for Locke to be elected the next mayor of Houston.

Locke was the last major candidate to announce his candidacy for mayor on March 26, 2009, midway through the reporting period. Despite his relatively late start, Locke outpaced his opponents, who came into the race as previously elected officials with large war chests and a built-in network of supporters.

“Houstonians are investing in our campaign because they know that when I am mayor I will build a bridge to a new era of opportunity and prosperity for Houston,” said Locke. “When I came to Houston I had $20 in my pocket and it’s encouraging to start my campaign for mayor with considerably more than that thanks to the generosity of so many Houstonians. We’ve got a long way to go and a lot of sweat equity yet to earn, but our fundraising success shows the strength of our support.”

Unlike most of the other candidates in the race for mayor, Locke has never run for high elected office before. He did not have an existing political network, a nationwide fundraising base, or hundreds of thousands of dollars to transfer into a mayoral account to inflate his fundraising numbers.

“I’ve campaigned side-by-side with Gene in neighborhoods all across Houston. I’ve never seen a candidate work harder than Gene,” said Harris County Constable Victor Trevino. “It makes me proud to be involved in a campaign that is bringing together such a varied group of Houstonians. The question always posed to first time candidates is, can they raise money? These numbers prove that Gene can get strong results and that his support grows every day.”

“It is an incredible feat that Gene has been able to raise the amount of money that he has in the last three months. From our volunteers to our fundraising this campaign gets stronger and stronger every day,” said Christian Archer, Locke for Mayor campaign manager. “Gene Locke continues to build a powerful coalition of support that is the foundation of a winning campaign.”

The reporting period for this filing was January 1, 2009 through June 30, 2009.


Members of the Houston Police Department’s Community Outreach Unit (The “Blue Crew”) joined forces Saturday (July 11) with community and business volunteers to complete repairs of the home of an elderly, disabled Acres Homes couple.

Medical problems have made it difficult for Mr. Woodrow Ward, 91, and his wife Mavis, 84, to get around. As a result, damage from Hurricane Ike made it difficult for the couple to get in and out of their home. The Blue Crew and additional volunteers, together with Lowe’s Home Improvement of Tomball and Pittsburgh Paint, painted the Ward’s home, built a porch and wheelchair ramp, and added landscaping.