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PRESS rELEASE: Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested and believed responsible for at least two sexual assault incidents in Houston since May 2016.

The suspect, Barry Todd Durrell (w/m, 55), is charged with super aggravated sexual assault and continuous sexual abuse of a child in the 176th State District Court.

A photo of Durrell is attached to this news release.

Durrell, an ordained deacon, is believed responsible for at least two incidents at the West Houston Seventh Day Adventist Church at 2390 West Sam Houston Parkway North.

The first incident occurred inside the church in May 2016. Burrell took the male victim, 2, inside the church and then to a closet where he sexually assaulted the juvenile. The mother of the victim later found the child and Burrell in the closet by themselves. A second male victim, 7, came forward in February 2017 and told family members about ongoing assaults. As the victim was attending a class at the church, Burrell would take the victim multiple times to the restroom and commit the sexual assault. The second victim also stated he was sexually assaulted in other locations, 2900 West Sam Houston Parkway South and 300 Memorial City Way.

Investigators believe there are other victims and are asking anyone with information or who may have had contact with Barry Durrell to contact the HPD Special Victims Division at 713-830-3254 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.



Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested and believed responsible for multiple sexual assault incidents in the Houston and Jersey Village areas since June 2014.  

The suspect, Reginald Dwayne Bond (b/m, 37), is charged with five counts of burglary with intent to commit sexual assault in the 262nd State District Court.  A photo of Bond is attached to this news release.  

The suspect is believed responsible for incidents on the following dates and locations:  

June 22, 2014 at 11011 Pleasant Colony (Jersey Village)April 26, 2015 at 9851 MeadowglenMay 17, 2015 at 11111 Pleasant Colony (Jersey Village)December 25, 2015 at 9801 MeadowglenJanuary 17, 2016 at 9801 Meadowglen

In each incident, Bond watched his female victims and then entered their residences during the early morning hours (3 a.m. to 5 a.m.).  He would look around the residences and either stand by the victims’ beds to wake them with a flashlight or get into the beds before waking them.  In some instances, Bond concealed his face while in others, he covered the victim’s face.  

A preliminary investigation was initiated in June 2015.  HPD investigators were contacted by Jersey Village Police regarding two sexual assault incidents believed committed by the same suspect.  Evidence obtained from a June 2014 incident was entered into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and that profile matched that of a suspect wanted in as many as four incidents in the Ferguson County area of  St. Louis, Missouri, since 2008.  At that time, no further leads were found in the investigation.  

In October 2015, evidence from the April 2015 incident was entered into the CODIS system and a profile was developed that matched the incidents in Jersey Village and St. Louis.  Further investigation and evidence obtained from the December 2015 incident developed information that identified Bond as the suspect.  

Further investigation and evidence obtained from the January 2016 incident identified Bond as the suspect in these cases.  Bond was taken into custody on January 22 and has admitted his role in the incidents in Houston and Jersey Village.    

Investigators believe there may be more victims and encourage anyone who has information on other possible incidents to contact the HPD Robbery Division at 713-308-0700 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.   




michael kelley

Prairie View police officer Michael Kelley was booked into the Waller County jail just after 9 pm Monday night.

He was arrested on a charge of official oppression after the October 2015 tasing and arrest of Prairie View City Councilman Jonathan Miller.

The Waller County grand jury returned the indictment Friday after members of the panel said officer Kelley had ‘no lawful reason’ to arrest Miller.

He was released on a $3,000 personal recognizance bond according to the Waller County Sheriff’s office.

Miller was cleared Monday of his initial arrest charges by the Waller County District Attorney’s office.

There’s no word yet when Kelley will make his first court appearance.

In the meantime, Chief Larry Johnson with the Prairie View Police Department says Kelley has been relieved of duty.






Since Sandra Bland died in the Waller County jail on July 13th there has been one person who has been consistent with a prayer vigil outside of the county lock up. That person is St. John’s Downtown Pastor Hannah Adair Bonner. Needless to say, her presence has likely been a thorn in the side of some of those who run the jail. Apparently, that came to a head Monday afternoon when Bonner encountered Sheriff Glenn Smith.


Sheriff Glenn Smith

He was walking around outside the jail checking to make sure the entry or doorway to the jail wasn’t blocked. He seemed a bit irritated from the video that Bonner and her supporters captured of the incident. In the 52 second long video of back and forth Sheriff Smith tells Bonner to go back to the church of Satan that she runs. She responds simply by saying oh, that was great – thank you.


Pastor Hannah Adair Bonner

This video shows Sheriff Smith’s growing frustration with the public pressure his administration has seen since Bland died in his jail last month. This encounter is also a day after several demonstrators made their way into the lobby of the jail and demanded justice in the Chicago native’s death. Deputies then forced the group out of the building. I have not been able to reach the Sheriff for a comment. I have posted a copy of the video so you can be the judge of this encounter!



This is a video Sandra Bland apparently tweeted out or posted before she died about leading ourselves and not relying on a so called leader or activist. This was pulled from Twitter!

Previous Report About Bland’s Death:

Alexandria Delacruz was sorority sisters with 28 year old Sandra Bland. She is still trying to cope with the tragic loss.

Delacruz is just one of several people in Waller County wanting to know how a vibrant college educated woman with her whole life ahead of her ended up dead here in the county jail.

Investigators say Bland, who graduated from Prairie View, was arrested Friday night for assaulting an officer.

By Monday morning the Chicago native was found dead in her jail cell.

Sources say it was a hanging.

In a press release Tuesday the Waller County Sheriff’s office says she did it herself. We spoke with Waller County DA Elton Mathis and he says while he doesn’t believe foul play is involved they are conducting an investigation.

Mathis also said he wanted to send his sympathy to Bland’s family in Chicago.

The Texas Rangers have been brought in to look into what some call the suspicious death of Sandra Bland…a young woman whose friends say had just moved back from Chicago to take job at Prairie View.

There’s no word how long the investigation into her death will take.

A protest and rally have been scheduled for noon Friday and at 4 pm by activist Quanell X.

Both demonstrations will take place at the Waller County Sheriff’s office in Hempstead.


Update: It appears Chad Holley was arrested Tuesday for violating 5 conditions of his 7 year probation sentence for a 2012 burglary.
Court records show the 21 year old failed to report to community supervision, did not keep employment, failed to get an offender identification card, ignored curfews, and he did not participate in an electronic monitoring program.

Documents show as a result of these violations a warrant was issued for his arrest on May 21, 2015 by Judge David Mendoza and he was arrested by the Houston Police department this afternoon.

Original Report:

Sources tell the Factor that Chad Holley has been arrested again.  The Harris County Sheriff’s office confirms Holley was brought in on a warrant related to the burglary of a habitation.  That warrant was issued back in May. Deputy Thomas Gilliland says where the records aren’t clear just yet but his arrest could be related to a parole violation associated with a past burglary. A source close to Houston officers say no cop really wanted to pick up the 21 year old because of the controversy associated with him during his arrest five years ago.  Holley was a suspect in a burglary when Houston police officers were caught on video brutally beating the then high school student after a short foot chase. This will be Holley’s third arrest since that 2010 incident. 


In the news again…Fox 26 News has learned Grammy nominated gospel singer James Fortune has been arrested.

According to staffers at the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office Fortune was released on a $20,000 bond around 3 pm Friday.

He was charged with assault / domestic violence involving a family member.

The Factor has not been able to reach Fortune’s reps as of yet but we’re working on it.

But the confirmation of the arrest comes from staffers at the Sheriff’s office.

You may remember in 2012 when James Fortune was accused in a civil lawsuit of abusing his then 4 year old stepson (incident allegedly occurred in 2001) by putting the child in scolding hot water. 

That son is now 17 years old.

Update: Sources now tell the Factor the alleged victim in this case is Cheryl Fortune. The wife of the gospel singer.


Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings


It was Tuesday afternoon when I decided to pull the arrest record of the Minnesota Viking’s star player who’s at the center of a firestorm.

I went online to the Montgomery County District Clerk’s website and Adrian Peterson came right up.

The electronic data included his indictment, bond conditions, and arrest report.

After viewing the documentation for a while I noticed something disturbing that also stood out.

I noticed the information released by the clerk’s office could be a gold mine for an identity theft thief on the prowl.

The documents not only contained Peterson’s name and date of birth but it gave the multimillionaire’s driver’s license and social security numbers.

Give that critical and sensitive information to the dumbest criminal and they could open credit accounts, buy a car, or even a house in the name of Adrian Peterson.

We alerted Peterson’s legal team immediately.

The spokesperson (Mary Flood) for the case was shocked and outraged.

The next day because it was after business hours we decided to contact the clerk’s office in Montgomery County.

The secretary at the office admitted they made a mistake but when the actual clerk was asked about the release of the sensitive information she simply said no comment.

When I decided to check the information online again after alerting the clerk it was gone.

Instead of the criminal file containing six documents there were only two and visibly missing was the record showing Peterson’s social security and driver’s license numbers.

Montgomery County criminal defense attorney Rick Bass says typically this type of sensitive information is blocked online with all defendants.

All of this comes just days after Peterson was arrested for going too far with disciplining his 4 year old son at his Woodlands estate last May.

Peterson was indicted on injury to a child which carries a two year prison sentence if convicted.

This security breach with Peterson’s personal information came just hours before the Minnesota Vikings suspended the star running back.