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Hello Isiah,

My colleague Jake forwarded your e-mail. Please find below a statement from Rick Savard, CEO and Chairman of RushCard:


In an ongoing effort to upgrade and create new services for our customers, RushCard underwent a technology transition to a new transaction processing partner Monday morning. During this process, many of our customers were adversely affected when the technology that was used to transition their accounts did not work as planned.


RushCard is working around the clock to resolve all of these matters. We have restored many of our customers’ accounts, but we acknowledge that there are still customers that need their accounts fixed and their problems resolved.


We know how important our cards are to people who use them to conduct their daily lives. We apologize for the inconveniences and for the hardships that many of our customers are currently facing.


We will stay in regular contact with our customers until these matters are fully resolved. You can visit us on Facebook or twitter @RushCard for additional and consistent updates.