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It’s blatant in-your-face racism with a dangerous side order of road rage thrown in. A Houston woman says someone tried to run her off the road while calling her the n-word. Just when you thought we were a post-racial America…not! Joining us on the Factor is Kenisha Singleton who has been through a crazy 24 hours and she’s lucky to be alive.

A September Wall Street Journal poll shows 70 percent of Americans think race is a major problem in this country, particularly following the Charlottesville protest. Here’s a breakdown. Twenty-eight percent of the people view race relations as very bad while 42 percent said it was fairly bad. Then there were those who had their heads in the highest cloud. Twenty-six percent of those lilliputians said when it comes to race, it’s simply a wonderful world.

Let’s have that conversation that leaves many of you a bit uncomfortable and slightly squirming in your seats. Just how bad are race relations in this country and what’s causing it? On the Factor is Dr. Robert Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam in Houston, and talk show host Attorney Charles Adams.


Salem Missionary Baptist Church’s leader Rev. Hosea Stubblefield has rallied the troops to show he has support at their house of worship despite the controversy.

He says, “I would tell everybody again I’m not saying it was right and I do apologize about it and it was a mistake that was made in my past.”

It was Monday when we first reported the former head Deacon and some church members wanted Stubblefield gone.

That’s after the congregation learned their pastor made several explicit sex videos with various women that were posted on a blog.

Lecobeun Lewis says, “they all be up there in front of the church saying God spoke to me. Did he speak to you before or after you made the videos.”

Stubblefield acknowledges he made the sex videos – between 5 and 10 of them over a ten year period. The most recent just two years ago…

However, the 32 year old’s main point is he wasn’t a pastor at Salem Missionary when it happened but he does admit he was still a preacher.

“I have been a preacher for over twelve years,” says Stubblefield.

He says the congregation has kicked out the Davis family – the ones who made the church aware of the sex scandal – The preacher says he’s pursuing criminal charges against the person he says stole the videos from him..

Some of the videos also ended up on this blog by a woman who said she once dated Stubblefield and wanted the public to know what kind of man he is.

Stubblefield says, “they were deleted on the computer and the files were recovered and kept against my knowledge for 7 months to basically use against me.”

Stubblefield, who’s been with Salem for a year, says the dark day he had when the story broke has turned into a positive…He says he’s received support from all over the country but he still wants to make this clear.

“Watch what you do today because it could haunt you tomorrow. Just make sure you are as accountable as you can be for your actions at all times,” says Stubblefield.


Slim Thug

Bun B


Deric Muhammad

Queenie Freeman and friends

Cars we can’t afford – ha Rolls Royces

JJ on the Mic and J-Que from 97.9 the Box

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Houston’s own Slim Thug turned 36 years old and he celebrated his birthday in style.

The Houston based nationally known rapper held his yearly birthday celebration at the House of Blues in Houston.

Slim invited friends, family, and some dedicated fans to an exclusive party Thursday night.

Some of the biggest names in the south were present at the party.

On the list of invitees – Slim, Bun B, JJ on the Mic, JQue, Queenie Freeman, Rico aka Troy, Michael Artis, and Zro the Don just to name a few!

Willie D and Lil Troy

Willie D and Lil Troy


Swiff Haywire and Realtor Garland Bennett


King's Court Owners A. Jariwala and J. Patel

King’s Court Owners A. Jariwala and J. Patel












Dozens of family members, friends, and fans filled a bar in east downtown Houston for the premiere of a new video by a Houston rap legend.

Willie D’s Coon 2 was greeted with enthusiasm and applause during its big debut at King’s Court Thursday night.

It is part two in a series of videos created by the member of the Geto Boys.

He says the video’s release is time to coincide with the release of his latest single by the same name.

Willie D says the video highlights those in the African American community who sellout their own so that they may be accepted by mainstream media.

He’s expected to do at least 5 versions of the song and video.

The event was hosted by King’s Court owners J. Patel and Ankur Jariwala.

It was sponsored in part by 8th Wonder Brewery in downtown Houston.

Willie D also interviewed Houston rap legend Lil Troy for his podcast before the big party. 

Here are some of the pictures I snapped at the event that lasted til nearly midnight!












From steak and eggs to sea bass…Dolce Ultra Lounge and Bistro had it all in Cypress, TX Saturday evening.

The eatery and nightclub held a special event for members of the media to sample and review the new menu at the business.

Dolce owner Al Rucker recently hired acclaimed Chef Javani King to take over the kitchen.

King’s goal is to guide the restaurant to the next level when it comes to those who dine there.

The chef’s goal was definitely achieved with the great food.

Participants in the event dined on various food samples for at least three hours.

Here are just some of the attendees:

Jonathan Martin, JJ on the Mic, KG, Nakia Cooper, Sherry Williams, Rube Williams, Crystal Solomon, and Al Rucker just to name a few.

More about Dolce Ultra Lounge and Bistro:

18039 FM 529 Houston, Texas
Contact no: 832-427-1526