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Cast and crew of Co-Parenting with the Spurlings

Cast and crew of Co-Parenting with the Spurlings

Stephanie Spurling (Green dress)

Stephanie Spurling (Green dress)

Houston attorney Dennis Spurling

Houston attorney Dennis Spurling

Resa White, Carmen Contreras, and Willie D

Resa White, Carmen Contreras, and Willie D




Rebecca Briscoe in da house

Rebecca Briscoe in da house





Then the party kicked off!

Then the party kicked off!



Dozens of people showed up Sunday morning in Houston for the premiere of the new CW 39 docudrama called Co-Parenting with the Spurlings.

The show made its big debut on Houston television and the producers are hoping to expand it to other channels around the country.

The television show takes an indepth look at the relationship between Houston attorney Dennis Spurling and his ex-wife Stephanie and how the couple continue to raise their two boys together despite divorce.

Spurling says, “I really want to highlight and show off the city of Houston in the show.”

The television show is written and directed by Houstonian Oscar Carrillo while Alexis Robbie and Dennis Spurling serve as executive producers on the project.

The big launch for the show was held at King’s Court in downtown Houston where there was no shortage of people to see the first episode of the Spurlings.

Here are some of the pictures I snapped including emcee Carmen Contreras and legendary rapper Willie D of the Geto Boys.

CPS airs Sunday mornings at 10 am on CW 39!






Houston, we have a hit show. I just watched the first episode of WE Tv’s Sisters in Law and it was great.

It chronicles the day to day life of a group of African American female attorneys in Houston. 

The ladies address life and death issues, politics, and have good old fashion fun with a healthy cocktail here and there.

The city of Houston along with the ladies shine in this new show which airs in March.

It won’t leave you embarrassed like other reality shows because while there are disagreements and verbal confrontations – everything is done tastefully, tactfully, and with that southern charm.

Take a look at this scene from the show where we see everyone from Rhonda Wills to Jolanda Jones, Ronald C. Green and even Wretha Rawls-Thomas.

Great show and you will love it when it airs in March on WE Tv!

More About Sisters in Law:

The series is set to premiere on Thursday, March 24 at 9:00pm CST.

Set in Houston, the 8-episode one-hour series follows a group of elite black female attorneys as they tackle some of the toughest cases in Texas and leave no stone unturned in order to seek justice for their clients. This season, viewers will get an inside look at how this group of dedicated lawyers juggle demanding careers, their families, political aspirations and busy social calendars while trying to maintain their friendships. With egos as big as Texas, the “sisters in law” are often at odds with each other as they struggle to remain united under fierce competition and the intense pressure to succeed.

Attached is a press release with more information, including individual bios on the cast.