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It’s week #2 and a Sugar Land company where five employees were exposed to radiation is still closed and the workers remain at home.

It was last week when we first told you Thermo Fisher Scientific was abruptly shutdown after some employees were exposed to radiation. 

A spokesperson for the company said the building would open in a week.  That has not happened as of yet. 

Christine Mann with the Texas Health Department says her agency is overseeing the decontamination effort at the building.  Mann says several employees have been brought back to the building to determine their radiation exposure level. 

The workers have also been told to bring in their clothes and shoes that may have come into contact with the powder substance that poses a threat according to Mann.  She says the facility with about 140 workers will not be reopened until the state is satisfied.

The Sugar Land site manufactures gauging devices used in the oil and petrochemical industries.
Thermo Fisher released the following statement:

The facility remains closed while third-party experts test for, characterize and remove any remaining radiological contamination from the site.

Ron O’Brien
Thermo Fisher


Fox 26 news has learned a Sugar Land company has temporarily shut down after some employees were exposed to radiation.

A spokesperson for Thermo Fisher Scientific confirms at least 5 employees were exposed to what they call some radiological material last week.

The Gillingham Drive location was shut down Friday and all employees were told to stay home.

A rep for Thermo Fisher says the exposure happened in an isolated section on their campus and the employees affected have been tested. A statement further states the workers were not exposed above regulatory limits.

We’re told the facility will remain closed this week while a third party conducts a safety and health assessment of the full site.

The Sugar Land site manufactures gauging devices used in the oil and petrochemical industries.

A source in the company says some workers are concerned about the time line.

The time when the employees were exposed and when the rest of the staff was finally told about the incident.

We’re told by that insider the period of time was from Tuesday to Friday, a 4 day period.

But a statement from Thermo Fisher indicates all appropriate goverment agencies have been notified.

A check with the city of Sugar Land and Doug Adolph says they had not been informed of the exposure but he says the company has to only report it to the state.