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Houston police are investigating the fatal shooting of a suspect by an HPD officer at 11710 North Freeway (North Interstate Highway 45) service road about 1:30 a.m. today (May 8).

The deceased male is identified as Adrian Dewand Medearis, 48.

Officer J. Ramos, who discharged his duty weapon in the incident, was not injured.  Officer Ramos is assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Division and was sworn in as an officer in May of 2013.

HPD Special Investigations Unit Sergeant R. Bass and Officers M. Millington, L. Lopez, S. Martinez and J. Hartnett reported: 

Officer Ramos, of the DWI Task Force, conducted a traffic stop of a black BMW at the above address.  The officer made contact with the driver (later identified as Medearis) and conducted a DWI investigation.  When Officer Ramos attempted to place Medearis under arrest, a physical altercation ensued.  During the confrontation, Medearis was able to gain possession of Officer Ramos’ Conducted Energy Device (Taser) and pointed it at him.  Officer Ramos drew his duty weapon, in fear of serious bodily injury or death, and fired multiple times, striking Medearis.

Medearis was provided first aid at the scene and then transported by ambulance to HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. 

As is customary when an officer discharges a weapon in the city limits, the incident is being investigated by the HPD Special Investigations Unit, the Internal Affairs Division and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.


I am sitting here at 4am trying to wrap my head around this! This is not the Adrian That we all from almost every church in Houston knew and loved. I have been in a working relationship, and church relationship with Adrian for over 18 years and this is not lining up AT ALL!!! “ WHAT HAPPENED “ is the question we all have!!!

He killed a innocent and unharmed man! No priors or run in with police! He was really a good person, loved any and everyone! I’m not just saying it, he really was. This isn’t Adrian’s character at alll! Justice needs to be serve

Lets me clear! Adrian was not some street thug that engaged in senseless acts that would jeopardize his life. He was an educated who loved life. These allegations both forward truely suspicious and fabricated. His friends are anger and very disappointed at Houston HPD at the moment. We all STAND and demand justice for Adrian.

Nobody who knew Adrian Medearis believes this for one second. Unless i see the footage i will NEVER believe that this is how it happened. Never.

First off, thanks to the Isiah Factor for posting this. Adrian was my cousin, he was known by many and being violent wasn’t one of his many qualities. Im hurt and also in shock at this moment because the way he died just doesn’t sound like him. Any further details that you can share with US during this time will be much appreciated.

As the police chief stated, he’s going to allow the family to see the tape. And if they agree to it, it will be released. How well do we really know someone we see on Sundays and at choir rehearsal. The things that people do after the benediction will blow your mind. There’s no justified reason why he would have the officers taser! Not even if he dropped it accidentally. We are so quick to jump on the bandwagon when there’s injustice or apparent injustice to our race. What did he do? Why was he speeding to get stopped? My son and his wife as well as numerous members of my family are law enforcement officers working these very streets. I want my son to come home! Period!
Had he been complying maybe he would have been in handcuffs! I’m just saying. If the family refuses to leak the tape 🤷🏾‍♂️…. there it is! Up there/Stuck there! How many times have you said “ I never would have thought that!” Exactly! I’m just saying!

When is this shooting by a white or non white police officers against black men or black period is gonna stop?? Why are these corrupt scary policemen gonna start getting convicted for this??

The behavior claimed by the officer is far off from his character. He seemed to have every reason accounted for that can determine his actions towards Adrian in order to avoid fault. The Lord knows and see all. Don’t t hide the cameras that has the evidence. Please Lord let them be available with some type of clue to what occurred this horrific night.

Everyone has the right to protect themselves. The Office was in fear of his life, as so many Officers are being killed by people these days. If Adrian was such a good person, why didn’t he just comply with the Officer instead of physically attacking him. If you are drunk driving, go to jail, sleep it off and leave the next day if you have no warrants. I am sorry for the family, but if the tables were turned, Adrian (if he were a police officer) would have done the same thing. I will keep the family in my prayers…

The family deserves honesty and not the botched up story HPD has presented. Another unarmed black man murdered by Houston Police. I’ve know my friend for about 20 years and the character HPD has trumped up is not Adrian Medearis. The punishment for speeding and (possibly) being intoxicated as stated in the report, is NOT death. My best friend is gone and we want answers and swift punishment for the officer.

So unfortunate! That crime did not fit the level of force which was deemed necessary by a TRAINED law enforcer. Even if fearful, a non fatal effort should have been enough! Baton.. at most a shot to the leg or arm. But to unload to that extreme to an unarmed man! No, No, No…

I have none Adrian for years he was the choir director at my Church . He was a good hearted Christian person .I don’t believe what the officer said is true. The Adrian that I knew would have never tossle with an officer .So sorry for the family . Family don’t stop until you get the truth about what happen to Adrian.

I am so sorry about what happen to Adrian . I have none Adrian for many years and I don’t believe that officer story . The Adrian that I knew would have never done anything like that. The shoe just don’t fit. So family don’t stop until you get an answer . Someone need to pay for what happen to Adrain.

I met Adrian 18 years ago. In those 18 years he remained constant. He was a good man, honest, humble, and caring. He had the greatest sense of humor. Always one of the first to volunteer to help when someone was in need. He was very respectful and a wonderful role model for his younger brothers. There is no way I can believe or ever phantom what police are describing transpired. There is no way he would have acted in such a manner. There is no doubt that as a black intelligent man, he was aware of the negative incidents and behaviors of police officers on black boys and men. He would have not reacted in such a way unless threatened with the possibility of losing his life. There is just no way he would have reacted this way over a traffic stop or even with the possibility of being arrested. He would have cooperated with the police and went to jail knowing that it would have been temporary. He would have not taken a chance on losing his life by acting in such a manner as he had so much to live for. They saw a black man driving a BMW, nicely dressed, and articulate….the police officer could not let that continue and out of hate and jealously he took Adrian’s life.

The family should seek an Attorney and ask for the video cam the arresting Officer should have activated at the time of the traffic stop and all of the reports concerning this matter!

Adrian was not the individual described above. He was lighthearted & silly. Hardworking & a man of God! We are wanting to know what really transpired on that night. The family deserves to know!

Adrian was not the individual described above. He was lighthearted & silly. A Hardworking & a man of God! We are wanting to know what really transpired on that night. The family deserves to know!

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