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Waller County Precinct 3 Constable Herschel Smith

I got a call from Waller County Constable Herschel Smith Tuesday evening and he was so enraged his voice was shaking.

The elected law enforcement official said deputy Constables from Precinct Five in Harris County pulled him over on what he called a felony stop.

Smith says that means the deputies had their guns drawn on him while also placing him in handcuffs on Beltway 8 near Memorial just after 6 pm.

The Constable pulled over on Beltway 8 near Memorial Tuesday evening

The Constable says he was given no courtesy even though he had on his Constable’s uniform and identified himself as such.

So why was he pulled over? Smith says he was in his county vehicle when he flashed his lights at a speeding driver on the highway.

Smith says that driver called the cops and said a suspicious man was following him.

That driver allegedly told the police Smith also flashed his gun at him which Smith denies.

Smith, who says the driver was White, was given more credibility than he was.

In an angry voice he also said even while clearly identifying himself as law enforcement all the deputies saw was a Black man.

The Constable said the deputies had at least four weapons drawn on him including a high powered rifle.

Smith was eventually released but is now demanding a full investigation.

I placed a call to Precinct 5 Constable Ted Heap’s office and a spokesman said they’re still trying to figure out what happened.

Jeff McShan says the driver called 911 and said the Constable pointed a gun at him.

However, McShan says the incident is now under investigation.

There is also a press conference schedule to held in Harris County tomorrow. See release below:


If “Blue Lives Matter” what about mine?

Yesterday I, the Waller County Precinct Three Constable, having served almost two full terms of elected office, was pulled over by Harris County law enforcement and handcuffed. Detained, because “they said” someone reported that I pointed a gun on them while driving. 

As the arresting officer approached, I was in full “Blue” uniform, with my badge in clear view. I was followed and detained by six vehicles of police support. I was in my “blue” uniform.

This stop happened at Beltway 8 and Memorial around 6:30pm in Houston Texas and was supervised by Harris County Constable’s Office from Precinct Five.

I am demanding a full accounting of my unlawful detention and a full apology from the officers involved. Including their immediate supervisor.

I am also calling for the arrest and prosecution of the individual who made a false police report.

If “Blue Lives Matter” what about mine?

I will be having a press conference at 17423 Katy Freeway at the Headquarters of the Harris County Constable for Precinct 5 on Wednesday August 19, 2020. 

For more information please call 832-889-8529.

Herschel Smith

Waller County Precinct #3 Constable.




I guess the blue live black peace officers lives don’t matters. Especially when a white driver calls 911 and say what they will to inflammatory a black officers and white officers believe it. This is a disgrace to my brother and what he stands for. I regret I cannot physically stand by his side today but this crap needs to stop. Enough is Enough.

I have known H.Smith for over 40 years known him too be a great person in uniform and out the person who did this calling in on him should be brought in when a man has his uniform on and still get done like this is not right at all justice is what needs to be done.

So this guy expects special privileges because he’s a police officer? Being a police officer doesn’t absolve you of any alleged wrong-doing whether no matter what race you are.. I guess this guy forgets that officers are held to higher standards than regular citizens, very unprofessional to believe that he deserves special treatment or even special courtesy.. sounds like his agency could operating the wrong way.. he definitely doesn’t need to be running any law enforcement agency with this way of thinking, and if he’s out here brandishing his weapon at people he’s supposed to protect, he needs to take accountability for HIS actions

It’s not about special treatment, it’s about fair treatment! You know damn well if the officer was white this would have never happened! It kills me that non people of color always want to holler blue lives matter, all lives matter, etc until they are called on their bullshit! The officers did not do their due diligence and were wrong, point blank and period!

He’s not asking for special treatment dumb dumb. He’s asking for equal treatment. These racists with badges need to be weeded out of these departments

From my understanding, which is totally different from what you understood, a white guy called an said he was being followered, the report was Mr. Smith flashed his lights to a speeding car, apparently; getting him to slow down, so how did this turn into someone following an pulling a weapon, this is the part that puzzles me.
Also to the officers that stop him, really…law on law!
I smell a set-up of humiliation.

We should Pray for America. We’re all in this together. Race relations are suffering due to “the Donald”, however; our kids and grandchildren are the key to a more just and God will society because they are the generation blind to race.

I am an acquaintance of Pastor Herschel Smith, and what I know of him, he has always been and done what’s better for humanity. I have a hard time believing that he actually did what this white driver said that he did.

I believe that all of this hostility between blacks and whites is coming from the top of our nation.

We need to be praying hard, because, we’re definitely living in perilous times!

He did not do anything to merit or warrant this treatment. He flash dis lights to warn – A speeding driver-😳park of his job duties, Mr. None.
Duh-he could have stopped the speeder but he tried to warn him instead. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Period.

Privileges have nothing to do with it. Once they ran the VIN # of the vehicle come across their system they knew what it was and whom it was to operate it. Then they observed the uniform/ID badge…(YOU TELL US) *special privileges*

Were you there to make this statement 🤔 Stupidity is all over the place I see. Thankfully there are cameras in the location they were that way everyone that wants to know the truth about what really happened can get a real update.

This is an outrage where was the professional courtesy. I have felt the sting of Racism in my lifetime. Being a Black Man in America has been a detriment ever since we got off the ship. Here is a man in uniform in a country automobile and he gets treated like he just robbed a bank by racist cops who traded in their sheets for a police uniform. Racism will always exist in America Feedom is not free. The Black Man in America is Not looking for a handout just a hand the hand of equity that is rightfully our. These cops need to be disciplined for their actions. Injustice is a crimes everywhere even in Houston Texas.

Sit your races ass down Harris county pct.5 been fucking over blacks for years all the way back to glen cheeks. That department has bunch of red necks that need to be fired . We’re the proof that he pull at gun check the facts before you make ignorant comment. He was black and that why they treated him that way. Y’all white folks crack me up bc y’all still don’t see color played a factor. Deputies that are white have made racial statements saying all they do is arrest colors and etc internal affairs have brushed it under the rug. The whole brass need to be replace . Got chief drunk on duty and ran from the sheriffs office and still employed. Chief that cost the county money because of a sexual assault.

This comment alone goes to show you how the ignorant of our society sees African American men. Whoever wrote this comment is automatically siding with the white driver over a black officer. Now would he/she make the same assumption had it been an African American driver and a white officer? I think not.

Who makes him guilty and maybe because the person that called 911 so he has privileges for being white. When they get sued we will see who needs to take responsibility you are white too that why you name is NONE

I figured someone like you would get on here making a person guilty without all the facts. I know Mr. Smith personally and never in my wildest dreams would he do this. You are a prime example why things are like they are. This man realizes he’s white and would be believed I dont care what you say he’s upset because a b li ack man reprimanded him for speeding

Where in your educational process did common decency and respect constitute “special privileges? If you are a cop (Hopefully not, for the public’s sake), you are clearly part of the problem.

What part of he said you didn’t get when he said he didn’t point a gun and that he’s pressing chargers lol you must be one of them white officers 🤣😂

You’re a deep seeded ignorant racist and people like you need to be erased from the planet! You automatically sided with the 911 caller, before the investigation provided evidence on what happened and you have criminalize the officer and the entire county sheriffs department. How do you live with such hate or fear in your heart? You’re the type that fear black people and want your white police community to keep black people in control, because you fear them…you’re a coward and you come from a family of cowards!

The Constable is an honorable man who gives to his community and always lends a helping hand when and where needed. He has done an excellent job in bringing police presence to his precinct. The behavior reported is not who Constable Herschel Smith is. Make that person take a lie detector test. They will fail. This incident is not an isolated case. Black law enforcement officers are treated as criminals all over the country.

As a former Peace Officer/Sergeant, I can tell you that these racists cops doNOT like black cops. Especially when/if you out rank them! I had a similar situation as a police officer and so did a buddy of mine. Black cops DONOT receive the same respect. PERIOD!!!

I’m a white retired LEO and when I was active I was taken down on a felony traffic stop. I complied and followed the orders and no one hurt. Turned out I was driving the same vehicle as a murder suspect. Black or white these guys have a right and reason to be careful. The crying Constable needs to grow up.

Wow did this ignorant guy who refused to give his name cowardly leave a comment like this because if he really felt Constable Smith was wrong why not identify yourself and make the comment? Pure ignorance and shows you’re practicing racism yourself. If you knew Constable Smith as we do and the people in his precinct you’d apologize right now so since we know you don’t know him we will ignore your condescending statement. But we do know who you are. It’s better to keep silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

I Thank GOD you’ll still Alive,BroH Smith(good,bad&ugly in the organization) But,the Truth Shall(Prevail)and make you Free…theirs lies will Die…Peace in Jesus

if the constable was in uniform and driving his work vehicle; the officers should’ve exhibited common sense. Race is a common denominator in all aspects of living while Black in America. We need to focus on going forward; not backwards. All Lives Matter!

Constable Smith is my former brother in law and we didn’t always see eye to eye. That being said, those officers knew exactly who he was. As many know he was an activist for equality and rights for all. He has stood against some high profile individuals including the KKK! He has led marches and been on television many times over the years so it seems to me they knew who they were dealing with and this humiliation was retaliation on him. Wrong is just wrong.

I’ve been treated the same way. Officers in Clear Lake Shores stopped me with guns drawn while I was leaving my boat. People are in & out all night so it wasn’t unusual. Searched me,my boat & car and held overnight. Released next day and handed a ticket for no insurance. Went to my car and got proof of insurance to show them They wouldn’t accept it and at court I had to pay $480. And I’m white. So why if I’m white did race have anything to do with idiot cops?

The difference, is that we get this all the time, even if no crime was ever committed nor a reason to stop or detain us was necessary. It happens to us because we are automatically suspect and feared!

Did you not hear him say, “he was in his uniform?” He never expected special treatment. He did what plenty of officer do when you’re speeding…flash their lights for you to pull over. If I’m in full uniform as an officer, why not treat me as your co-worker? They were wrong.

He was out of his area, and should not have turned on his lights. That said, it was handled poorly by the Harris County officers also. Now sadly, it has just turned into a media event.

This I understand how the law in wrote here in Texas all police officers in texas are considered state peace officer It doesnt matter what department you are with this goes from school police to colleage police to city or the county and the state troopers….That means that can pull you over any were in texas and give you traffic ticket if they observe a law being broken

Was events. I once again I pray things of this nature change. It must as human beings we are to survive and continue to be alive in this world. Do it NOW before it will be to to late to change for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake. Pay attention to the usual events that are taking place. They are surely signs.

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As a former Peace Officer/Sergeant, I can tell you that these racists cops doNOT like black cops. Especially when/if you out rank them! I had a similar situation as a police officer and so did a buddy of mine. Black cops DONOT receive the same respect. PERIOD!!!

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This is what happens when the you black. Just because you are a cop just like them you was thinking they was gonna respect you. Now you see how it really feels. Luckily you had on that blue or you would be dead

You ignorant racist bastard…
You are innocent intol proven guilty thats how the law is stated
No 911 call proves anything until an investigation is complete For you to side with the caller says too much about your character
You have none!!

Ignorance is prevalent. 1st and foremost a police officer is a police officer 24/7 once he takes the oath. On duty, off duty he is EXPECTED to recognize and intervene in any suspected criminal activity. Speeding is criminal activity. He should get a copy of the 911 tape. In fact, all 911 tape of false police reporters should be released to the public. Check the bodycam of all involved. You will find your answers.

Dealing with the same issue myself in Freestone county. The difference is that I was arrested on a totally different charge due to the statement of the 911 caller. The supposed incident took place January 2019, and I still don’t have a court date as of yet. So, it’s not just because of the Coronavirus, it’s something that has been taking place.

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