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County Attorney-Elect Christian Menefee
Jay Aiyer

Harris County Attorney-Elect Christian D. Menefee has moved quickly to start the transition process with the appointment of Jay Aiyer as his First Assistant County Attorney.

Menefee stated, “not only does Jay have valuable experience working in and with governmental entities,
he also currently works in the County Attorney’s Office. He’s been on the front lines of several important projects this year with the current First Assistant and other senior leadership, including
the County’s response to the pandemic and expansion of voter access. He’ll bring a helpful and experienced perspective to the First Assistant position.”

Aiyer, 51, currently serves as an Assistant County Attorney, and has significant experience in
leading large governmental organizations. He previously served as Chief of Staff to Houston
Mayor Lee P. Brown and as a senior management consultant with Deloitte and Touche focusing on providing operational support to public entities. An accomplished lawyer and academic, Aiyer was also an Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Texas Southern University’s Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs immediately prior to joining
the County Attorney’s Office.

Aiyer has been a frequent legal, political and public affairs analyst
for the Houston Chronicle, Houston Public Media, and Fox 26.
“I’m deeply honored and excited to be working with Christian,” said Aiyer. Adding, “he is a dynamic and visionary lawyer committed to serving the people of Harris County.”

Aiyer will be succeeding Robert Soard as First Assistant. Speaking about Soard, Menefee stated, “Robert’s service to the Harris County Attorney’s Office has been exemplary. Throughout
his tenure he has been invaluable not only to this office, but also to County elected officials and department heads. I am grateful for Robert’s service and commitment to a smooth transition

He and Jay have already started meeting and are working together to ensure continuity during and after the transition.”


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