The Coronavirus Reality


I wish her luck… I actually thought this was fake when I first saw it but apparently not…

Here’s the latest for the poor lady:

It looks like the TikToker who put Gorilla Glue in her hair is done with at-home remedies after getting bombarded with tips from just about everyone — including GG itself — because she’s finally checked into a hospital … and is already being attended to.

Tessica Brown posted photos Saturday of herself going to an emergency room in what appears to be Chalmette, Louisiana. The photo she threw up from outside the facility was captioned with nothing but a couple of teary-eyed emojis.

She posted another photo of her face lying down on a bed with a healthcare worker above her with gloves on. It looks like some kind of white cream was applied to her scalp to help with the removal of the sticky substance … which has been stuck in place for a month.

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