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The Harris County Precinct One Environmental Crimes Division has again arrested a man who previously orchestrated the illegal dumping of thousands of used tires across Houston, Harris County and Sugar land.

Darrell Wayne Watson was arrested this morning after investigators discovered new evidence showing he was still actively involved in the dumping of additional used tires. Watson appears in surveillance video from undercover cameras located in the 5200 block of Mayle Street in Houston on March 16, 2021. He’s also believed responsible for  tires which were dumped two days later at the same location on March 18, 2021 and weeks earlier February 25, 2021. The videos shows people dumping tires from a U-Haul van onto the sides of the street on three different days. In all, investigators discovered 176 used tires from 18-wheelers at the above location. Investigators believe the van was rented by a third party, however it was reported as stolen at the time of the crimes.

Investigators recognized Watson in the video because of their prior experience with him. Watson pleaded guilty February 23, 2021 to a charge of illegal dumping and received eight years of community supervision as part of deferred adjudication in a plea bargain of a third degree felony. Watson was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of these new incidents.

“Mr. Watson clearly has no intent of stopping his illegal activity,” said Constable Alan Rosen. “A judge let him off easy last time with deferred adjudication. Watson has proven he is a repeat offender and that a slap on the wrist won’t stop him from creating these dangerous eyesores in our neighborhoods. I hope he will be held accountable this time for his actions which affect the quality of life for those living nearby.”

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted the charge on this new case as a State Jail Felony of Commercial Dumping. All defendants are presumed innocent. If convicted, Watson could receive 10 yrs in prison.

The case remains under investigation and charges are pending for those seen in the video. We are not only investigating those directly involved with this case but will be seeking criminal charges on any tire companies which have done business with Mr. Watson.

If you witness illegal dumping occurring, please report it to our Illegal Dumping Hotline at (832) 927-1567. For cleanup, you should always call 3-1-1 or your county commissioner.


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