Los Angeles-based artist Jason Adcock has started selling custom-made Karen facemasks on his Etsy page for the price of $180. 

The product description reads: ‘The scariest thing you can be on Halloween!!!! Full head latex mask with hair.  Sculpted, molded, cast, and painted.’

The masks feature Karen’s face contorted into a fit of rage, with yellowing teeth, red eyes and blotchy skin. 

‘I was quarantining at home and wanted to make a new mask. I just started sculpting, and out came Karen,’ Adcock told Vice about how he came up with the idea for the masks. 

‘I’ve spent most of my life working retail in the cosmetics industry, so I have seen countless Karens in their natural habitat.’ 

Adcock says he has received some hate mail over his controversial creations. 

‘I have gotten a few death threats, a lot of people saying it’s racist, or that I should be disgusted with myself,’ he stated. 

‘But if the one thing you’re pressed up about right now is a rubber Halloween mask of an angry lady, you need to wake up!’ 

Each mask takes up to four weeks to complete, so those hoping to wear one on October 31 will have to place their order soon. 

However, there are a number of other retailers selling items to transform party-goers into an authentic-looking Karen.

One Amazon retailer is selling a ‘I Want To Speak To The Manager’ sweatshirt, whilst an Etsy store is stocking a blonde, asymmetrical style wig known for being the stereotypical Karen hairstyle. 

Last year, YouTube star Sierra Schultzzie won praise for dressing up as a Karen, complete with a similar blonde wig and 2000s-style sunglasses. 




Four Houston police officers were terminated today after a 5 month long internal investigation into the shooting death of 27 year old Nicolas Chavez.

The findings in the case have been turned over to the Harris County District Attorney.

A warning, the video you’re about to watch is very disturbing and very graphic.

It leaves nothing to the imagination the day Chavez was shot and killed back on April 21, 2020.

It was streamed by the Houston Police Department during their press conference announcing the completion of their probe into the matter.



We spoke with Houston Police Officers’ Union representative Ray Hunt about helping police officers in Lake Charles, Louisiana devastated by Hurricane Laura. He says you should go to and donate to the cause!



Customs officers at a Florida airport found nearly a half-million dollars being smuggled out of the United States hidden inside furniture, officials said.

U.S. Custom and Border Protection officers at Miami International Airport seized $491,280 in unreported U.S. currency last Thursday, the agency said in a news release.

The money had been concealed inside a chair placed in a crate with other furniture.

The shipment was heading to the Dominican Republic and was selected for examination during outbound enforcement operations, officials said.

“Criminal organizations will attempt to export large sums of cash to launder their ill-gotten gains,” said Robert Del Toro, the agency’s acting port director.

Officials didn’t say who the money belonged to or whether criminal charges would be filed.

Travelers bringing more than $10,000 out of the U.S. must report it to customs officials. Failing to do so can lead to the money’s seizure and forfeiture, as well as potential criminal charges, officials said.



Jessica Krug, the embattled historian and African studies scholar who admitted last Thursday to impersonating a Black woman, has resigned from her post as an associate professor at George Washington University.

Her resignation was announced by the university in a tweet Wednesday afternoon, explaining that her classes for this upcoming semester “will be taught by other faculty members.” 

Krug initially shared her story on the blogging platform Medium, where she confessed that she “built her life on a violent anti-Black lie” by claiming a multiplicity of Black identities over the course of her adult and professional life, including being Afro-Caribbean and North African. Krug is, in fact, a white Jewish woman. 

She attributed her appropriation of Black identities to “unaddressed mental health demons” from her childhood.

In her blog post, titled ‘The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies’, she went into detail about the deceptions that rooted in all aspects of her life.

‘For the better part of my adult life, every move I’ve made, every relationship I’ve formed, has been rooted in the napalm toxic soil of lies,’ she wrote.  

Pictured: The book Fugitive Modernities written by Krug 

Her confession is reminiscent of Rachel Dolezal, a former NAACP leader from Washington state who was exposed as a white woman pretending to be black in 2015.

In her blog post, Krug said she has battled ‘unaddressed mental health demons’ her entire life and that she first assumed a false identity as a child.

She wrote that her mental health issues could never explain or justify why she pretended to be black.

‘When I was a teenager fleeing trauma, I could just run away to a new place and become a new person. But this isn’t trauma that anyone imposed on me, this is harm that I have enacted onto so many others. There is nowhere to run. I have ended the life I had no right to live in the first place,’ she said. 

In a video posted online in June of this year under her activist pseudonym, Jessica La Bombalera, Krug denounced ‘all these white New Yorkers who waited four hours with us to be able to speak and then did not yield their time for Black and Brown indigenous New Yorkers’.

She adds: ‘Much power to all my siblings who were standing up, my black and brown siblings who were standing.’

Krug has been teaching classes on African American history at George Washington University since 2012.

Her biography page on the university website says she also specializes in subjects including Latin America, Africa, imperialism and colonialism.



Ronald “Khalis” Bell, the Kool & the Gang co-founder who co-wrote and produced many of the R&B/soul/funk/disco/jazz group’s hits — including “Celebration,” “Cherish,” “Jungle Boogie,” “Hollywood Swinging,” “Summer Madness,” “Open Sesame,” “Ladies’ Night,” “Joanna,” and “Fresh” — has died, according to a statement issued by his publicist, Sujata Murthy.

Bell passed away Wednesday morning at his home in the U.S. Virgin Islands, at the age of 68.

No cause of death was given at press time.

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Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in a man’s death at 5598 East Freeway (Interstate Highway 10 East) service road about 6:35 p.m. on June 27.

The suspect, Juan Mancillas (H/m, 21), is charged with failure to stop and render aid in the 337th State District Court.  A booking photo of Mancillas is attached to this news release.

The victim, Justin Ortiz, 23, was pronounced dead at the scene.

HPD Homicide Division Sergeant M. Holbrook and Detective J. Roscoe reported:

Mr. Ortiz was on a motorcycle southbound on Lockwood Drive, crossing over the East Freeway, when a blue BMW struck one of Ortiz’s friends riding with him.  The friend was not seriously injured.  A black Chevrolet Tahoe then struck Ortiz.  The BMW and the Chevrolet then fled the scene.  Preliminary evidence indicated the vehicles possibly struck the victims deliberately.

Surveillance photos of both vehicles were released on June 29. 

Further investigation identified Mancillas as the driver of the BMW and he was arrested without incident on Tuesday (Sept. 9). 

Anyone with information on the identity of the driver of the black Chevrolet Tahoe is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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Who Killed Ramiro and Rosalva Reyes ; Investigators Need Your Help.
Homicide investigators need the publics help in providing information in the death of a local couple. 

• On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, at 1:20 a.m., District 1 patrol deputies responded to reports of several discharge of firearms calls at 1123 Francitas in north Harris County. 

• Upon arrival deputies found a 63-year-old Ramiro Reyes and his 61-year-old wife Rosalva Reyes and a family member had all sustained multiple gunshot wounds outside the residence. 

• Mr. and Mrs. Reyes were pronounced deceased on scene and their son in law was transported to a local hospital in serious condition. 

• The couple were driving separate vehicles, and were returning from a local hospital after the death of a family member earlier that evening. 

• As Mr. Reyes’s pickup truck was entering the driveway, Mrs. Reyes was following in her own vehicle. 

A dark colored four door SUV began firing at her car. 

• As Mr. Reyes ran back to the wife’s vehicle, the SUV drove by a second time shooting at Mr. Reyes and his son in law. 

• Our investigators still need vital information on the solving of this horrible crime. 

Anyone with information is urged to call the HCSO Homicide unit at 713-274-9100. Crime Stoppers may pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, charging and/or arrest of the suspects in this case. Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitted online at or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app. Only tips and calls DIRECTLY TO Crime Stoppers are anonymous and eligible for a cash reward
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AUSTIN – After more than 17 years, a man is facing charges in the 2003 slaying of a 21-year-old Lubbock woman. Andy Castillo, 57, of Lubbock, is charged with murder in the case of Cynthia Joann Palacio. This arrest comes following a lengthy investigation by the Texas Rangers and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office.

Over the years, law enforcement has scrutinized evidence and investigated tips as they came in. A recent alert in CODIS — the Combined DNA Index System — led the Texas Rangers and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office to focus their attention on Castillo.
Castillo was in the McLennan County Jail in Waco on unrelated criminal solicitation to commit child sexual assault charges when he was served with the arrest warrant in Palacio’s case.

“One of our duties in law enforcement is to pursue every lead and seek justice for victims and their families, even when the case runs cold,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “I’m proud of the diligent efforts by the Texas Rangers and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office to solve this nearly two-decade-old case and find justice for a young woman who was brutally murdered.”
Palacio was found on a rural road in southeast Lubbock County on July 15, 2003, partially nude and strangled. Her last known whereabouts were unknown. Palacio is survived by a daughter who was 2 years old at the time of her death.
The investigation into Palacio’s death has been linked to another homicide — the April 2004 killing of Linda Trevino Carbajal, which remains under investigation. Carbajal, who was 21 years old, was found strangled on a rural road in northern Lubbock County; she had suffered blunt force injuries.
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The Gulf Coast Violent Offenders And Fugitive Task Force need the publics help in locating three felony suspects. 

On July 28, 2020 at the Garden City Apartments located at 9601 W. Montgomery in North West Harris County. 

Jamiel Odom, and the victim, 21-year-old Tavoris Randle were involved in an altercation. 

As the Randle walked away from the suspect, Odom then pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at Randle. 

He was struck in the head and died due to his injuries. After the shooting, Odom fled from the scene. 

Law enforcement are also searching for Jamiel Odom’s twin brother and younger sister in an unrelated aggravated robbery 

Odom’s twin, Jabriel Odom and his sister, Ky Yawna Odom are also wanted for an aggravated robbery that occurred at 9623 block of W. Montgomery at a Texaco Mart on the night of July 2, 2020. 

Jabriel Odom, 20, and Ky Yawna Odom, 17, approached the complainant robbed him of his personal belongings and several hundred dollars in cash. They then pistol whipped the complainant and fled the location. 

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Jamiel Odom, Jabriel Odom and Ky Yawna Odom are urged to call the HCSO at 713-221-6000. 

Crime Stoppers may pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, charging and/or arrest of the suspects in this case. Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitted online at or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app. Only tips and calls DIRECTLY TO Crime Stoppers are anonymous and eligible for a cash reward