The Coronavirus Reality

State Lawmaker wants Racial Disparities Task Force for Covid 19!

On Wednesday, Rep. Thierry submitted a letter to Governor Abbott requesting the establishment of The Emergency COVID-19 Racial Disparities Task Force and garnered bipartisan support with 49 Texas House Members signing off.

“It is our hope with the implementation of this bipartisan task force, that we will move one step closer to revitalizing the health of our citizens and the productivity of our state,” stated Rep. Thierry.

For reference, please view the attached letter below: 

The Coronavirus Reality


MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Montgomery County Public Health District, in conjunction with Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, can confirm there are now 350 total positive cases of COVID-19, up 19 cases from yesterday. If you would like to be tested for COVID-19, please contact the MCPHD/MCHD COVID-19 Hotline at 936-523-5040. Our center has a list of testing sites to share with those who are interested.

If you have a question regarding the stay at home order, including questions regarding essential businesses and activities, please call the COVID-19 Hotline set up by the Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management at 936-523-3916.

Details on individual cases can be found here:

Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management updates a dashboard for the cases here:

The Coronavirus Reality


Houston and Harris County officials have announced new locations where individuals can get tested for the Coronavirus.

The new locations will provide on average 200 tests per day for those who are interested in knowing their Covid19 status.

However, there must be a digital assessment before the test is given at the drive thru locations.

A Walgreens location is shown in Mebane, N.C., Tuesday, June 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The sites are at the Walgreens locations listed below but you must make an appointment before showing up for the test.

Locations: Walgreens

14531 Westheimer Road

101 W. Southmore Avenue

The Coronavirus Reality

Get the Hell Out of Here With that: 5G CAUSED COVID19!

If you put it on the internet then some damn fool will absolutely believe it with no questions asked.

That’s the case with the latest conspiracy theory and how the new 5G cellular service is causing the Coronavirus.

Derick Boze, an investigative reporter, has been no fan of 5G and has probed it for years.

However, the journalist and filmmaker says even he doesn’t believe 5G is responsible for Covid 19.

Boze says claims like that will only harm the true dangers of 5G!