The Coronavirus Reality

Congress Continues Debate Over Additional Paycheck Protection Program Funding!

House and Senate leadership were unable to reach an agreement on a path forward for additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). 

Republicans have pushed for a straight funding increase of $250 billion for the program, while Democrats would like to also provide additional support to hospitals and municipalities.

Both the House and Senate are in recess until the first week of May, at the earliest.

As a result, any bill needs to be approved by unanimous consent, meaning agreement must be reached by all sides before additional PPP funds can be approved.

While recessed, the Senate will meet in pro forma session on Monday and Thursday of each week, at which time a bill can be moved by unanimous consent.

The Coronavirus Reality


Mayor Sylvester Turner says there have been two more Covid-19 deaths in the city of Houston.

Tuner says that brings the number to 31 people who have died from this deadly form of the Coronavirus.

There are a total of 2,570 cases in the city of Houston.

There are 6,600 cases in Southeast, TX.

After intense screenings (1,000 tests completed Thursday) there are also 114 new positive tests for Covid 19.