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An investigation is now underway following a deadly shooting at the aquarium in downtown Houston

HPD Executive Chief Matt Slinkard said the call came in around 8:10 p.m. at 410 Bagby Street.

According to Slinkard, when officers arrived on the scene, two adult males were found dead inside the bar area of the aquarium restaurant. 

Another woman was injured in the shooting and taken to the hospital where she is currently listed in stable condition, police said. 

Preliminary investigation revealed one man, who was killed, and the woman, who was injured, were together having dinner at the bar and were paying their tab, Slinkard said. 

Police stated surveillance video showed the couple was at one end of the bar and the suspect was on the other end of the bar. 

Authorities said after reviewing the video, the suspect got up, went quickly around the bar toward the couple, and started firing rounds. 

The man, who died on the scene, went down along with the female who was with him, Slinkard said. 

After the shooting, authorities said the suspect committed suicide with one self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said. 

It’s unclear how many shots were fired. One witness, who was inside the restaurant having dinner with her two children, told FOX 26 that multiple shots were fired during the incident. 

Slinkard did say the bar area was not crowded at the moment of the shooting. 

Police said the scene is secure and safe and they are not looking for any additional suspects. 

It’s also unclear if there was any interaction between the couple and the suspect before the shooting occurred. 

Police are still working to identify the families of the victims. 

Authorities said they will be on the scene for the next several hours investigating and collecting evidence.