The Coronavirus Reality


The pandemic has transformed the way consumers are spending money, crippling key industries that usually help the economy churn. But with isolation ending in the near future, will consumer spending go back to normal? 

A survey conducted this week by TruePublic, asked surveyors aged 16-35 about how they would spend their money after isolation ends. Some of the results include:

  • 36% won’t attend a movie theatre until a vaccine is available or long after it is available
  • 51% won’t attend large events like Coachella or Comic-Con until a vaccine is available. 38% won’t attend until long after a vaccine is out.
  • 45% won’t attend a sporting event until there is a vaccine available or long after its available.
  • 33% say they shop online more now, and will continue to shop online more even after a vaccine is available

TruePublic is a mobile opinion platform that has the pulse of Young America.