The Coronavirus Reality


At Isiah Factor Uncensored we realize there are thousands of people in the Houston region who have lost their jobs because of the Coronavirus.

That’s why I came up with the idea to do a job fair on television.

We wanted to have real tangible jobs that people could walk into the next day.

We worked with WorkSolutions and the University of Houston to come up with a list plus resources for small business that are also struggling.

The video above is what we came up with and we hope it helps you.

Stay strong people!



The Coronavirus Reality


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

As a taxpayer and longtime small business owner, the gravity of taxing and appraisal issues could not be clearer to me. I want to reach out to you immediately to tell you that I know you are very concerned about the significantly higher appraisal values issued by the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District (FBCAD). While the FBCAD operates independently from Fort Bend County under Texas law, as your County Judge, I will do everything in my power to alleviate the financial burdens property owners are facing. I will take the following actions immediately:

1.      Assemble a team of stakeholders who can exhaust all local, state, and federal options to provide tax relief for our residents. We will work with and encourage ALL taxing jurisdictions within Fort Bend County to support this goal.

2.      Spearhead a Commissioner’s Court resolution that implores our state elected officials to change the relevant laws to allow for emergency relief during this type of disaster.

3.      Launch an Economic Recovery Task Force. This committee of big and small business leaders, Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development Councils will develop a road map to safely and strategically open up sections of our economy. Relying on expert advice from our medical and healthcare personnel, we will continue to take all possible action to revitalize the local economy without compromising our residents’ wellbeing. Our small businesses have been the backbone of Fort Bend County since its founding. We will pursue every available option, and we will aggressively seek federal and state funding whenever possible.

4.      Provide a Taxpayer survey over the next few days. The data from this survey will be a critical tool in understanding and addressing the complex issues Fort Bend taxpayers are experiencing. Your responses will serve as a key piece to inform our decision-making.

5.      Sign up for Community Notifications. We will be using this tool to inform and update our community on major changes and issues related to COVID-19 including our efforts for taxpayer relief. You can sign up here: Please share with your friends and family.

I am working around the clock to release COVID-19 facts accurately and quickly to the public for prevention and treatment to save lives. However, just as importantly, I am committed to alleviating the economic and financial impact of the pandemic so that jobs and economic activity can recover as quickly as possible.

I always say that the best thing about Fort Bend are the incredible people and businesses that call it home. In times of adversity and struggle, we as Texans come together to take care of our neighbors and community. We are Fort Bend Strong.

Please make sure to sign up for notifications and follow us on social media to receive the latest updates when they happen.


KP George

Fort Bend County Judge

The Coronavirus Reality

Senator Borris Miles Letter to the Governor: We Must Have More Testing Before State Reopens!

Today I wrote the Governor that he should not consider reopening the state until widespread testing is done in African American neighborhoods. Testing sites have been located in hard to reach areas away from communities of color like Northeast and Southeast Houston. There is a data gap, and our neighborhoods will suffer if the state reopens while African American neighborhoods are still battling COVID-19.

The Coronavirus Reality

Get the Hell Out of Here With that: 5G CAUSED COVID19!

If you put it on the internet then some damn fool will absolutely believe it with no questions asked.

That’s the case with the latest conspiracy theory and how the new 5G cellular service is causing the Coronavirus.

Derick Boze, an investigative reporter, has been no fan of 5G and has probed it for years.

However, the journalist and filmmaker says even he doesn’t believe 5G is responsible for Covid 19.

Boze says claims like that will only harm the true dangers of 5G!

The Coronavirus Reality

Africans treated like sh*t in China because of Covid19!

Beijing is facing a diplomatic crisis in Africa after reports of alleged coronavirus-related discrimination against African nationals in China sparked widespread anger across the continent.

African students and expatriates in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou were last week subject to forced coronavirus testing and arbitrary 14-day self-quarantine, regardless of recent travel history, amid heightened fears of imported infections.

Large numbers of African nationals were also left homeless, after being evicted by landlords and rejected by hotels in the city.

Having reportedly contained the virus within China, concerns have grown in recent weeks over a so-called second wave, brought into the country by overseas travelers.

In Africa, however, governments, media outlets and citizens reacted angrily to the apparent rise in anti-foreigner sentiment, as videos of Africans being harassed by police, sleeping on the streets or being locked into their homes under quarantine circulated online.

On Saturday, the front page of Kenya’s biggest newspaper lead with the headline, “Kenyans in China: Rescue us from hell,” as a member of the country’s parliament called for Chinese nationals to leave Kenya immediately.

TV stations in Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria also ran stories on the alleged mistreatment.

The Coronavirus Reality

How Are Funeral Homes Dealing with Covid19!

Michael Davis is the Chief Financial Officer at Eternal Rest funeral home in Houston, TX.

He says the Coronavirus has changed the way his industry does business.

The business owner says because of CDC guidelines no more than 10 people can attend a funeral service which makes it emotionally tough on families.

Davis says as a result of the new normal his funeral home, started by his late father Skipper Lee, will now live stream funerals so that additional family members and friends can be a part of the service.

Family members must also sign waivers assuming liability while attending a service.

Davis says it’s just part of the new normal in his industry.

The Coronavirus Reality

President Trump Signs Your Stimulus Check!

Do you care or do you just want the damn check? The Washington Post’s Lisa Rein reports: The Treasury Department has ordered President Trump’s name be printed on stimulus checks the Internal Revenue Service is rushing to send to tens of millions of Americans, a process that is expected to slow their delivery by several days, senior agency officials said.

The unprecedented decision, finalized late Monday, means that when recipients open the $1,200 paper checks the IRS is scheduled to begin sending to 70 million Americans in coming days, “President Donald J. Trump” will appear on the left side of the payment.

It will be the first time a president’s signature appears on an IRS disbursement, whether a routine refund or one of the handful of checks the government has issued to taxpayers in recent decades either to stimulate a down economy or share the dividends of a strong one.

While some people receiving the checks — the centerpiece of the U.S. government’s economic relief package to stave of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic — may not care, or observe, whose name appears on them, the decision is another sign of Trump’s effort to cast his response to the pandemic in political terms.

Trump had privately suggested to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who oversees the IRS, to allow the president to formally sign the checks, according to three administration officials who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Cindy M. AndradePublicist | The Washington Post