The Coronavirus Reality


Since the Coronavirus arrived in America people have been panicking to stock up on supplies in fear of the worse happening during the stay at home order.

First, there was a run on the grocery stores where everything disappeared from hand sanitizer to toilet paper.

Then I noticed all of the bicycles were sold out at places like Walmart, Target, and Academy.

Now, you can add three more items to that growing list which also included home exercise equipment.

If you make a stop at the stores that remain fully open you’ll notice they’ve sold out of computer printers and laptops.

A sales associate at Walmart says those items are all but gone because so many students are learning at home while parents are also working from home.

I also noticed many small appliances are starting to disappear off the shelves.

That list includes everything microwaves to air fryers and even the old school conventional ovens.

It’s likely because more people are spending time at home and they’re choosing to prepare their own meals.

We also can’t forget the fact many restaurants are closed or are doing only curbside service.

So what have you bought since the stay at home order around the country?